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- Rosa, Seb, Chris E. and Mackie are all secretly best friends and have a
group chat where they talk/make fun
of Tom

- Ashley definitely wrote a song about

- Tom has 'him' as his ringtone for
everyone in his contacts

- Paddy low key has a crush on Rosa

- Nikki tried showing Rosa all of Tom's
baby pictures on her phone when they
met before Rosa and Tom went on
James Corden

- Rosa was allowed to read the script
for Infinity War and her and Benedict
both teased Tom about it

- Caiden and Bradley broke up a few
weeks after the photo as Bradley
wasn't very comfortable with all of
the recognition

- Harrison asked Rosa for advice on how
to ask out Evelyn

- Elena and Caiden had movie marathons
every weekend as they were the only
ones that were single

- Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson definitely pretend that Rosa
is their daughter

- When Rosa introduced Tom to her family,
her father cried because he had never
seen his youngest daughter so

- Caleb became best friends with Sam
and Harry

- Tom, Harrison, Rosa, Evelyn, Elena,
Caiden, Ty and Ashley went to Pride
in London, LA, Miami, Atlanta and New
York and try to go every year

- Tessa and Lola are the best of friends

- at Elena's birthday she made everyone
bring their dogs. (Tessa, Lola, Duck, Jaxon,
Donught and Monty) No cats allowed.

- Rosa surprised Tom by dressing up
as Spider-Man for Halloween one year

- Rosa cried watching Infinity War,
despite reading the real script and Tom
kept teasing her about it

- "why do you always play characters that
either die or nearly die, Tom?"

- all the girls have a group chat, including
Rosa, Ashley, Zendaya, Elena, Evelyn,
Scarlett, Elizabeth, Letitia, Zoe, Laura
and Nikki

- Lucy continued to message Rosa and it soon turned into more than simple DMs...


And that's the end of Strangers! I don't know if I'll write a sequel, let me know !

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