Chapter 18

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Chapter eighteen:

“Where is my beautiful niece?!” Jenna sang as she walked straight through the front door without knocking.

“Hello to you too best friend of mine” I joked as I rolled my eyes.

“Yes, yes, yes... hello, hi, how are you doing? Now where is she? I want cuddles!” I laughed at Jenna as her eyes dashed from corner to corner looking for Annalise.

“She’s upstairs. Her daddy is changing her diaper”

Jenna wrinkled her nose and laughed. “Wow, looks like you got Jake house trained pretty quick. I salute you”

I smiled and shook my head. Jenna plopped herself down the soft lounge across from me and began to hum a song as we waited for Jake and Annalise to come down.

“I thought I heard a wailing somewhere in the house... it wasn’t coming from Annalise so I assumed you finally arrived” Jake’s deep voice teased from behind me.

I managed to see Jenna stick her tongue out before beaming at my gurgling daughter. She stood quickly and strode straight to Jake immediately taking Annalise into her arms and cooing baby sounds to her.

Jake walked around the sofa and I felt the cushions sink heavily as he sat beside me. His hot body pressed up against my side and he smiled when he saw goosebumps rise on my arm. “Actually Jenna we have some important news” he spoke seriously.

I held back my smile when I saw Jake’s expression turn serious and dark. With one look at her twin Jenna was all ears and turned her attention to us. “Did something happen?” she asked worriedly.

Jake nodded and heaved a deep sigh, “Yes, something quite... serious happened yesterday”

“Is everything okay?” Jenna’s face was no longer the bouncy woman who strode straight into the house earlier, she subconsciously held Annalise tighter and turned her body to face us, giving us her full attention.

“Everything is fine. Actually it’s more than fine,” I spoke up, desperately trying to copy Jake’s emotionless expression. I lifted up my hand and wriggled my fingers allowing my new engagement ring to sparkle against the sunlight and finally allowed my smile to break across my face.

Seconds passed and I was beginning to think that maybe we broke Jenna or something, until she let out a high pitched shriek startling Annalise, “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes!!! Show me that ring right now!” she tucked Annalise into the crook of her arm and rushed over to us grabbing my hand as soon as it was within reach.

“It’s so beautiful! I’m so happy for you guys! You’re going to legally be my sister!” She squealed. Jake my laughter mingled together at her reaction and the next thing I knew my air supply was being cut off by an intense hug from her.

“You had better make me the maid of honour for getting you two together or I swear to God I will steal your baby!”

“Of course you’re the maid of honour! Now give me my daughter back before I change my mind” I laughed whole heartedly as I returned her hug fiercely.

Jenna handed me Annalise and practically jumped over to Jake. “I knew you’d be smart enough to finally realise you two were perfect for each other! You both were so dense that you never realised it! Aren’t you glad you have me?”

I saw Jake roll his eyes but hugged Jenna back. “You planned all this didn’t you?” I asked raising an eyebrow but Jenna only winked and shrugged her shoulders.

“Not ‘planned’ per say, I just pushed you both in the right direction and hoped you realised how strong your feelings are for each other. It turned out better than I thought because now I have a niece!”

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