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"So this is basically our version of a non-disclosure agreement," David's manager, Jack, set the wordy contract on David's kitchen counter, and my eyes almost bulged out of my head. When David suggested we move to his house for more privacy, I didn't think I would be signing a contract. "It states the terms of your relationship or basically the story behind your relationship. You began dating in March. Both of you can agree on March 12th?"

David and I both awkwardly nodded. The date didn't really matter to me. It wasn't an actual anniversary. This was a business deal, I was coming to realize. We weren't coparents; we were business partners.

"Right. You met at USC and hit it off; you guys can specify the story if you'd like. These are just the basics. If you do want to add onto the story, make sure you come to me first and run it by me. Are you already following David on any forms of social media?"

"Uh," I paused, trying to think. "Maybe Instagram?"

"Great. Keep the follow. David will follow you the day you post a picture confirming your relationship," he explained, and then continued with his spiel. "Here's the story we want you to tell once you have an obvious baby bump: You didn't mean to get pregnant five months into the relationship, but you are in love and it happened and you're both excited. That being said, Sloane, you will not be allowed to announce to anyone until David announces to everyone. Have you told anyone yet?" he asked.

"My roommate, Aaliyah," I answered honestly, feeling myself shrinking under Jack's eye. "She was there when I took the first test. That's it."

"Okay, we'll need to get her one of these too," he wrote something down on a notepad. "I'm going to need all of her contact information when we're done here."

"Okay," I nodded. "Is there... more? To the contract?"

"There's always more," Jack flipped the page with a smile that I guessed was fake. "Under no circumstances will you ever tell anyone who doesn't already know that this was a one-night-stand. If you do, we reserve the right to sue you for defamation of character. Is that understood?"

"Okay. Um, does David have to sign any of this stuff?" I asked. "Like, can I sue him for defamation of character?"

"David doesn't have any reason to tell, and you don't have much character to defame" he snapped at me, and I almost gasped. Obviously I messed up his perfect little plan for David's life, but he didn't have to be so rude! It takes two to tango. "This part is the most important: the rules."

"There are rules?" I asked incredulously, my jaw dropping. Why couldn't we just be friends that hold hands in public? Why did it have to be this serious?

"Of course there are rules. This is a publicity-related contract. For starters, you cannot be seen smoking, drinking, or doing drugs in public."

"I'm pregnant," I interrupted, furrowing my brows. "Why would I do that anyways?"

"Just listen, please," David squeezed one of my hands. I almost rolled my eyes, already annoyed with the attitude of the two boys, but I held it in. I wasn't the difficult one here. I was a good person, willing to tell whatever dumb story David wanted me to tell, without a contract. I didn't need either of them to treat me like a child.

"Next, you will post a picture with David at least once every two weeks, but you will not show or announce your pregnancy until David has announced it," I almost sassed you already said that, but held that in also. "We have to sell that you've been together for a while, so keep that in mind. David reserves the right to ask you to delete anything already on your social media accounts, just to save face. Obviously, we don't want any pictures of you obnoxiously drunk or with a bunch of boys from March onwards."

"Can I delete the n-word from his Twitter, then?" I raised my eyebrows in fake interest. David frowned. Jack rolled his eyes. "Kidding. Jeez, lighten up."

He chose to ignore my statement entirely.

"David can, and will, continue to see, date, kiss, or have sex with anyone he chooses. You cannot do any of these things."

"That doesn't seem very fair," I interrupted once again, crossing my arms over my chest. "Why does he get to?"

"He knows how to keep things private," Jack explained. "You have no training in this subject. This is a non-negotiable clause. You won't have any kind of romantic or sexual contact with anyone until at least after you have the baby. Do I make myself clear?"

It turned into a stare down until I finally broke and nodded.

"If anything were to happen to the baby before it's born, this contract will be void," he said and I frowned, wondering what he meant by that. He answered my internal question by adding, "That includes an abortion, or a miscarriage before you're showing. After you're showing, you will have to announce it, so you will need to stay together for a few more months until the management team deems it appropriate for a quiet, mutual breakup. There's another point: when you break up, it will be a quiet, mutual breakup. David will continue taking care of his child and will give you as much money as you need to ensure he or she has a safe life."

"An abortion?" I furrowed my brows.

"If the two of you discuss and decide that an abortion is the way to go, you can obviously have that done. We won't encourage or discourage it."

"I don't..." I looked to David, who shook his head.

"We're not getting an abortion," his words were firm and his tone was final.

"I—uh, okay," I agreed with him. I didn't want an abortion, but it was still pretty uncomfortable to see him so serious.

"You're expected to move in to this house in about a week. David's going to get a little fold out bed he can hide in his closet for you. We will pay off your dorm fees, of course."

"Wait a second," I frowned. "I have to live here?"

"Yes, you're expected to. It's much better than a dorm, is it not?"

"I mean, yeah, but... why can't we share a bed?" I asked. "He impregnated me; how bad can it be sleeping next to me?"

"As stated earlier," it was clear Jack's patience was wearing thin at my constant interruptions, and I considered pushing him a little more just to see when he would snap. "David is allowed to do as he pleases with other girls; the bed will not always be empty."

"Well, I wouldn't be sleeping on my cot right next to David fucking some girl anyway," I muttered under my breath.

"Last but not least, you will never speak of this contract to anyone, ever. You no longer had a one night stand with David Dobrik; that story does not exist anymore. You are his girlfriend of five months who accidentally got pregnant," he said, and I nodded in agreement. "We reserve the right to remove or add clauses to this contract, as needed, but we will notify you and request your approval in this case. Do you have anything you would like to protest or add?"

I shook my head.

"Great," Jack fake smiled and slid the last page of the contract towards me, along with a ballpoint pen. "Then sign on the dotted line, please."

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