Episode 13: Weak Point

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The sunlight burned when I opened my eyes

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The sunlight burned when I opened my eyes. I was under my sheets now. They were protecting me from the strange chill in the air. My body ached, but I wasn't exactly a stranger to the feeling.

"Was that a nice sleep?" Cyan was holding my hand.

Electricity pooled in my cheeks. It was hot compared to the air. "Were you here the whole time I slept?" I turned from the sound of her voice. "What time is it?"

Finally, I could comfortably open my eyes.

Ame appeared in front of me. "It's a little after two. You've had a lot of rough nights here, so you needed the sleep."

What happened last night? All I remembered was Cyan's promise to stay with me.

"Let's eat." Cyan smiled. "Then we can talk."

"I need to—" My body protested. The pain was trying to coerce into staying bed. "Change first. I'll be out in a minute." I painted a smile on my face. "Promise."

Ame sighed and opened my closet with the flick of a wrist. A jacket came flying out. "Here. Don't worry about changing right now."

Cyan grabbed it before it could fall to the floor and slipped it on me.

This could've been the pain talking, too, but it felt nice.

It was a fight to take every step. I must've hid it well enough, though. Cyan and Ame didn't try to grab me when we walked into the kitchen.

Still, they wouldn't just tell me what I wanted to know.

"You need to eat something," Ame said. "You haven't had anything since well before that thing happened."

Cyan just smiled. She was making her pleas quieter and less direct.

In the end, I caved to my hunger and need to know what happened. Hannah had used as information as a bargaining chip before. Mostly when I was younger. As I got older, she needed to do it less.

Not that I expected any less from Cyan, but she made the best soup I ever had.

Afterward, Ame opened our discussion.

"So, what do you want to know, Alastair?"

"Where do I start?" Through the aching, I rubbed my arms. It excited the electricity in my veins. "I met a Lock."

Ame's eyes widened. "Was this your first meeting?"

I shook my head. Big mistake with the pain I was in. "The second."

"The one who told you the absence of Key Keepers caused the Dark Ages then?" Ame got in front of me.

I let my silence answer to not frighten Cyan.

Ame raised her eyebrows.

"He knew about Hannah and showed me a projection of her." I ruffled my hair. "He claims to have morals but used my foible in our first encounter."

Cyan looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "He used your what?"

"Alastair's weak point," Ame replied.

It was so cold. It was beyond cold. It was freezing. A Lock was near. The Lock could be here any minute. I couldn't stay here.

Ame put a hand on my shoulder. "Take a breath. You don't want to hurt anyone."

I broke out of her grasp and ran into the backyard. Honey followed, wanting to know if I was alright. All I could tell her was to stay back. I didn't want to hurt her.

Metal whips shot out of my hands. They cracked the ground in front of me. In that panic, I wasn't thinking. A crack of thunder might've been subtler. Although, I had less general control over that power.

"Acting out in fear never solves anything, either," Ame said. "Don't let your powers control your actions."

These were Hannah's words verbatim. I knew them well.

"I don't know what to do! Why am I here when I have a home, a better home on Earth with my family?"

Ame's eyes turned pink. "I can find someone to take your place. I will learn from my mistakes and look after them better."

I laughed. Old habits die hard.


Honey nudged me inside afterward. In that fit, I blocked it out, but the aching hadn't left. When I got into my room, I face planted onto my bed. If I were alone, I would've screamed at its intensity.

Cyan left me alone for a few hours.


When Honey pawed at the door, Cyan slowly opened it for her. Honey then skidded out of the room.

"Hey." Cyan knelt close yet far from my head. "You feel okay?"

In my not wanting to talk to anyone, I just groaned.

"You were trying to hide it from us, so we wouldn't worry, but you've been hurting, haven't you?"

Did she seriously think of me as a needy little brother? What right did she have to act my "big sister"? I didn't need it. It was my job to look out for those that were younger than me.

"Dinner's ready." I felt her smile. "Wanna just eat in here or?"

I forced myself to my feet. "I'll join you."

Really, I sort of wished I hadn't. I didn't want to eat. I was nauseous. If she wasn't watching me eat, I probably wouldn't have tried to keep it down. The pain was taking its toll. If I weren't KK, I might've been worried it might mean something worse was on its way.

"I'm going to cater a party tonight." She looked up from her. "Will you be alright here by yourself?"

"I won't be by myself." I wanted to lash out at her question but didn't. "I have a dog. People who have dogs never are."

Cyan laughed. "Point taken. Don't be afraid to call me if you need anything, though. I shouldn't be gone more than a few hours."

Why was she trying to act like Hannah? Only Hannah got to do this. Well, Del did, too, but it didn't matter cuz he was at work right now. If Enji tried, he had to be careful cuz of the kids.

How were Hannah and Enji holding up right now, though?


Thoughts? Theories? Predictions?

Part 3!

~Shino out

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