Chapter 1

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KTX Station.

"Goodbye dear, have a safe journey. Say hi to Yumi." Mom kissed my cheek as we did our last minute farewells.

"Bye Mom, love you too", I smiled at her.

"See you at Christmas!" Dad added.

"Bye Unnie" I said anxiously waiting for a reply. My sister passed a fake smile and murmured a 'bye'. That was enough for me. At least it's more than what she did last year.

I waved back to my family as they left for home. I have no idea why but my sister and I have never been on good terms. Last night, we had a huge row because I told mom that she actually went for clubbing instead to the library as she claimed to. We've never clicked well, not exactly an example of whatever people go on about sisters being 'best friends forever'.

Anyways, I boarded the train with my luggage. I am so excited that school was starting that I already had put my uniform on and pinned my Prefect's badge proudly on my chest. I looked through different cabins for my best friend Jung Yumi. She and I have been inseparable since the first day of high school when we discovered that we both sucked at sports in the first P.E class and were jealous of people who did well on the pitch. People like Park Chanyeol and Byun Baekhyun.

Unluckily, In the end of our freshmen year, Even Yumi fell for the famous or in my opinion... the infamous Chanyeol-charm. It was also around the time that he decided that he was interested in me. Reason? It's still unknown to me. But he began the limitless flirting and countless ways of asking me out on a date. Not that I ever accepted. But I assured Yumi that I would rather fail a whole year of exams (trust me failing is like death for me) than date that idiot. Thankfully she soon got over him and found a steady boyfriend.

I remember that one time when he made a record of asking me out by the rate of 70 times a day. He had hidden small pieces of paper in my backpack or under my lunch plate that said 'Will you go out with me?' or 'Be my girlfriend'  or 'Wanna go on a date this weekend?' . Yumi thinks it's pretty sweet of him. But I never paid much attention to such tricks. Sometimes he crossed his limits like that embarrassing class when we had a substitute teacher.

"Hmm..That's a good way to explain the titration method. Well done!", Our substitution teacher praised me quite generously.

"Thank you, sir" I replied shyly.

"What was you name again?" He asked.

"Uh, its---"

But that Mr. arrogant Park Chanyeol stood up from his place and answered for me:

"PARK Mirae!!" The whole class burst in a fit of laughter. I glared at him for ruining my moment. He turned to me and passed a flirty wink topping it off with a toothy smile.

"He's just joking sir. My name is Kang Mirae." I corrected, clearly irritated.

"Oh sorry, sir. I forgot to mention. Its gonna be her future name." Chanyeol fired back with mischievous grin.

I cringed at the memory. My last 2 years at high school have been full of this stuff. Him joking around and me ignoring.Think of the devil and the devil is here. Park Chanyeol was coming towards me carrying his suitcases. I instantly prepared myself for a flirty smirk or some fresh pick up lines he had came up with in the vacations. 






Literally nothing. Did he not notice me? That's not possible. I was right in front of him. Now that's weird. Where did that smile go? The one saved especially for me? He barely spared me a glance. My jaw dropped in surprise. Since when did Park Chanyeol let go of an opportunity to ask me out?  I always thought that he had a sort of radar for me. No matter how much I tried to hide, he always seemed to find me in a crowd of million people.

I was too engrossed in my unsettling thoughts that I almost didn't notice that a tall girl was running towards me with open arms.

"Miraeeee!!!", She squealed, jumping up and down like a child, her thick dyed curls bouncing.

I hugged my best friend back and announced, "Park Chanyeol is ignoring me".

"Well, it's nice to meet you too." She replied with a frown.

I sheepishly smiled and apologized as we settled in our seats in the train, "Sorry, I was just too distracted. How were your holidays? And your trip to Hongkong?"

"Just Perfect. But what were you saying? Is he igno-" Someone came toward us with a smile.

"Hey Mirae, Yumi. You ready to go, Mirae?" It was Junmyun. A small, sweet smile was glued on his lips almost all the time. Junmyun wasn't one to complain much. He was the only one in that rebellious trio that I actually liked. We were on very close terms since he was one of my fellow prefects.

"Uh, ready for what?" I racked my brains.

 "For the Prefect's meeting in car 11. Forgotten it, have you?" Junmyun smiled at me accusingly. He really is a nice guy. I wonder what he is doing with such trashy friends.

"Huh, no! I remember now. Let's go." I turned to Yumi. "You go enjoy with your boyfriend. Say my hi to him"

We came out and made our way towards the car 11. It was among the rules to have a Prefect's meeting before term started so that we knew about our duties. There were a total of 8 prefects in your school along with the Head girl and Head Boy. 4 from the Science group and 4 from Arts group. Our school was divided in such groups.  I was a part of the Science group. So was Yumi and the rebellious trio. That's another reason why I cant escape from their pranks cause we have almost the same subjects and share the same common room. But Sehun was never deeply interested in Science. So he chose the Arts group.

"How were your holidays?" Junmyun inquired.

"Oh, they were fine, a bit boring though. Yours?" I asked in return.

"Hmm...same. So any improvements with your sister?" There.. he is doing it again. Always turning the topic on me and never revealing anything about himself. I wonder what he is hiding.

"Not much really" I grinned.

"Don't worry. You'll both get around..." I was hardly listening to him as I spotted Chanyeol coming towards his friend.

"Hey, bro. Be back quick, alright? " He reminded him. 

"Yeah, I'll try my best". Junmyun said.

Then Chanyeol nodded at me and said, "Hello" and went ahead. Seriously what is going on?! Am I missing something? But this time my curiosity got the better of me. Before I could control myself I opened my big mouth and blabbered something really stupid.

"What, You aren't even going to try and ask me out, are you?"


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