Want You Back (Jeno)

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You pulled your sweatshirt over your head and adjusted your skirt so that the length looked more decent.  You weren't like the other girls that purposefully wore their skirts higher or woke up hours before class to style their hair and do their makeup.  That stuff wasn't interesting to you.  You knew that if you wanted a guy to like you, you just had to be yourself.  It was something you had realized a little too late.

Quickly, you brushed through your tangled hair and popped your contacts in, trying to not think about him.  The more you went back to reflect on what had happened with Jeno, the more you regretted every day you didn't work up the courage to talk to him and fix things.

At school, you took your seat in your first class.  The students trickled in until the bell sounded, and the teacher clapped her hands for everyone's attention.  "Everyone, I'm sure you heard, but one of our teachers suddenly decided to retire.  Because of that, we now have a few students from that class who will be joining us for the rest of the year.  Can you guys introduce yourself?"

The new students filed in, and your eyes glazed over when you saw the last one.  There was Sehun, Yeri, Irene, and last but not least, your ex-boyfriend Lee Jeno.

There was an empty seat beside you, but you quickly gestured for Yeri to sit down, and she thanked you silently.  Jeno frowned and took the only other empty seat on the total opposite side of the room.  Some of the girls swarmed around him, asking him about his interests and whatnot, but he just continued staring at you.

At lunch, you found your best friend Namjoon.  He noticed your sullen expression and shook his head.

"I know that look.  Did you run into Jeno?" he asked, biting into his burger.

You nodded, glumly.  "He got moved into my class.  I thought I was doing great all this time, but I'm not.  I can't believe we broke up because he wanted me to find myself.  I feel more lost than ever, now."

"I would have to disagree with that," someone set their lunch tray down next to you, and you stared blankly at Jeno.  "You definitely have found yourself."

Your face grew red in embarrassment.  "What do you mean?" you forced yourself to speak.

Jeno laughed.  "Look at you.  You're not wearing makeup, yet you're so confident.  Remember the days back then when you didn't wear makeup and used to pull your hoodie all the way down so no one would see your face?  See?  You've definitely improved."

"You think so?"

Jeno grinned.  "I know so.  Remember how you used to wake up so early to get ready that you would end up falling asleep in every class?"

"That's a mood," Namjoon commented, and you laughed.

"I guess I really have improved.  I didn't realize it."

Jeno placed his hand over yours.  "I never stopped loving you.  I want you to know that.  I just wanted you to love yourself as much or even more than I loved you.  I wanted you to understand your worth."

Your eyes glistened with tears.  "Jeno-"

"Shhh, don't thank me.  I'm just telling you why I did what I did." 

Namjoon awkwardly smiled.  "So are you two getting back together?"

"I want you back," Jeno whispered.  "You don't realize how hard it was letting you go, but I knew that was the only way you would grow into the beautiful butterfly you are."

You realized that everything Jeno had said was right.  Before you had broken up, you were obsessed with being like other girls.  If school started at 8, you were up at 5 am, worrying about getting ready without waking up the rest of the house.  Even if your eyes were dry, you would bear the pain of putting in contacts and layering your lashes with mascara.  You would skip meals, hoping to lose some weight here and there.  It was only when Jeno let you go that you realized how wrong you had been before.  You didn't need to wear those short skirts or have killer abs to be beautiful.  You just had to be you.  Because being you was the most beautiful thing you could do.


A/N: Thanks @royalxunqi for requesting this!!  It made me realize a lot of things that I should and shouldn't be doing... which leads me to the question of the imagine :)

Question of the imagine: Has anyone ever told you how amazing you are?  Because you are totally worth it and beautiful just the way you are.  People are just like pancakes- they come in different shapes and sizes.  Wait, is it pancakes or snowflakes????  Whatever the case, you're amazing, and I want you to know that <3 

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