-Chiaro. Per me non c'è nessun problema- he replied, then smiled.

-Thank you, H- Sharon said and then looked at me.

-English please -I said and they laughed.

-He said yes, there’s no problem -said my friend.

I looked at Harry.

- Are you sure you don’t have things to do and I'm taking your time? Because I can wait for Sharon to have free time, really.

-No -he replied. -For me it’s fine, unless you don’t want to go with me –he laughed.

-No, I mean, yes -I shook my head. -I mean, thanks for taking me.

-Oh he loves that place; he’s probably more than happy. He can give you a tour -Sharon joked.

-And for me would be a pleasure -He laughed, showing all his white pearls that were in his smile, which by a laconic second, I got lost.

-Thanks -I whispered and turned back to watch TV.

I was scared a bit of an unusual fact, my attention strayed completely from my best friend and her boyfriend on purpose, because the thought that the reaction had occurred and I began to think about it. Why Harry was very attractive to me? Yes he was, but what I really was wondering was, why everything in him caused a strange feeling in me? I glanced at the happy couple behind me, and I could see Harry's smile was flying Sharon. Then I came to an easy conclusion. I was dazzled by him. Of course he was the handsomest young man with whom I had encountered in my entire life. I laughed quietly, Sharon had good luck.

- Are you staying for dinner? -She asked after a while -you know? I had an idea today with ______, why don’t we go out for a day? Us and Louis -she explained without waiting for her boyfriend's response to the first question.

-No, honey, I can’t stay. I have family dinner today –He grimaced. -And the output of the four sounds great, I'll talk to Louis today.

Should I be concerned? I knew Sharon deep inside her had the idea to mate me with, but thinking about it...It wouldn’t be so bad if he was Harry’s brother. Probably he was also handsome.

-See you tomorrow, I will come to wish you good luck before you go-H said to his girlfriend and then kissed her forehead.

-Thank you, love.

-________-I turned to look at H back to hear my name. -Tomorrow we have many things to do, I hope you don’t get too tired –He smiled.

Suddenly I felt an emotion I couldn’t explain, a slight of excitement there, near where the little creature was caged.

-See you tomorrow -I whispered and smiled back.

Sharon and H came to the door where it took them more than five minutes to say goodbye, I tried not to think about it, because after all, his way of saying goodbye was something I was not interested in.

After I heard the door close, Sharon sat beside me on the couch and then sighed.

- Isn’t he perfect? –She asked.

- What? -I asked, confused.

-My boyfriend –She muttered with an air of pride.

I laughed, but said nothing. I couldn’t tell Sharon what I thought about his boyfriend. Yes, he was perfect, but for some strange reason, my mouth couldn’t say those words in front of my friend.

- At what time are you leaving? -I asked.

-At six.

- In the afternoon?

-In the morning.

I opened my eyes wide and looked.

- Six in the morning? And when are you going to come?

I don’t know –She muttered and then grimaced. -The island of Torcello is a bit far, maybe I’ll come at five o'clock.

-But you just make an interview, why it would take so long?

-Because if I am accepted, I will stay to be trained me or something –She shrugged.

-I'm going to miss you -I made a tantrum.

She laughed.

-You are going to miss me even more if I get the job, because I would go out until eight at night -She laughed again and this time I joined her laughter.

-Shar, I'm tired, -I lay down and I said.

- So soon? But if it is 8pm

-Eight-forty –I corrected -and yes, I am very tired and I want to sleep.

Well, what I had said, only the first part was true, I was afraid to dream, the same nightmare as last night.

-All right. Good night.

-Good night -I got up off the couch and walked to my room.

- Ah! Tomorrow you have to get up early –She told me. -H comes before I leave and then he will take you to the Bridge of Sighs.

I stopped before entering the room.

-Great –I muttered, and smiled.

I entered to my room and I wrapped my sleeping, then I lay down on the soft bed and covered myself with the sheets. I stared at the ceiling in total darkness, and reached to receive the TV sound from the room.

I felt the excitement growing with each passing minute, tomorrow I was going to go to the famous Bridge of Sighs, a place I have always wanted to visit since Sharon came to live here, but there was another reason to feed that enthusiasm, and it was to spend a good time Harry. But I didn’t know why this idea excited me so much.

The knock on the door woke me up and then I realized the voice of Sharon on the other side.

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