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Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will. But then, if you don't imagine, nothing ever happens at all.

- John Green


Daegu International School : Sophomore year. Last week of term.

I strode across the hallway at full speed. My blood was boiling with anger at the moment. The corridors were almost empty, with the exception of few lone wanderers as classes for the day had already ended. I needed to get back at the common room as fast as I could. Because I knew he was following me.

"Mirae, at least hear me out. I really am sorry!"

I whirled around. This boy has pushed me to my limits. "There's nothing more to say. Just go back." I hissed, shooting daggers at him.

"What can I do to make up for it?"

Huh? So he thinks that there still is a chance left for our friendship. That's funny. He should have known before saying all that shit.

"Nothing! There's nothing you can do, Sehun. That's final. Why can't you realize what you did is completely unforgivable?" I was almost to tears by now. No, I cant break down in front of him. Just a little more, Mirae.

"Don't you think you're just exaggerating this whole matter?" He shot me look that suggested that I had probably grown another head but instantly changed his strategy when he realized it was the wrong thing to say.

"Uh....I mean I-I thought we were supposed to be friends, right ?"

"That's what I thought too." I shot back tauntingly. "That's enough now. Stop following me everywhere. Good bye Sehun. You've chosen your way and I have chosen mine. Our friendship ends with this night." I said with a determined expression on my face.

Once again, I turned back to the common room. This day was like hell. Exams just ended and I had thought I would enjoy it to the fullest. But how wrong I was. The loss of Sehun's and my friendship started to hit me and I tried my best to hold back my tears until I snuggle back in my bed. He was my first friend since primary school, after all. The one who always stayed by my side. The one I used to care for the most. Its a pity he's turned into what he is today.

Just as I entered the common room, I noticed that most eyes were on me because almost everyone had witnessed what happened today, just an hour ago. I ignored the hushed wihspers and judgmental stares but someone blocked my path. I clenched my fists with anger when I recognized the last person I wanted to see right now. His face was quite serious which is very unusual, dark hair falling on his forehead.

"What is it now, jerk?" I snapped.

"Look I just want to apol-" Chanyeol started.

"Ughh, Not you too!" I growled in frustration. I've had enough of this rubbish for today. I pushed past him to reach the stairs for my dormitory but he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me around to face him. Every student in the common room was now enjoying another famous 'Chanyeol-Mirae' clash.

"You should be thankful that I'm at least trying to apologize instead of saying 'I told you so." His regular arrogant smirk was back in its place. An air of superiority surrounding him.

I froze. "What?" I asked in my dangerously threatening voice. But Chanyeol stayed unaffected with my change of tone. I wonder why he was always so confident. My fierce temper even scared Baekhyun and JunMyun, his partner-in-crimes, away mostly.

He shrugged and replied casually, "I mean, its not like you didn't see it coming, right? Your friendship with that idiot sneaky Sehun was already on rocks. Not much of a surprise."

My fingers were twitching to reach forward and slap his perfect face. Like I have done so many times before. Or maybe even more harder this time. Park Chanyeol and his bloody arrogance always gets me. But the thing is that he was right. Deep down I knew it too. But he doesn't need to rub it in my face that my best friend turned out to be a monster.

"Oh god, this is all just a game for you, isn't it? Well, I suppose you'd be really happy now. Sehun and I are no longer friends. Congratulations mister. You win."

His expression changed from haughtiness to hurt. Wow Park Chanyeol has feelings too? I know I was being unfair. But he is getting no sympathy from me today although he isn't the reason why Sehun and I fought. But he is a small part of it. I needed to blame someone and Chanyeol was the perfect candidate.

"That's what you really think, do you? That I caused you both to end everything?"

"Yes, that's what I think. And I think that you're an arrogant, selfish and immature pig and you'd be doing both of us favor if you just left me alone!" I screamed. There was pin drop silence in the common room now.

He looked in my eyes for a moment with an unreadable expression and muttered a single word:


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