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You sat at your work desk, scribbling down notes - a serious look painted on your face. Your fingers moved delicately along the paper, making your promise ring sparkle. A small smile appeared on your face when you saw this - it reminded you of your boyfriend of three years, Michael.

At present moment, Michael was back at Neverland, and you were at work. Since the two of you lived together, Michael always missed your presence when you were gone.

And you were usually gone for long hours on end, mainly because you worked for a law firm.

Several minutes passed before you heard a knock at the office door. You frowned and looked up, only to see that your boss, Jim, had opened the door.

"(Y/N)," he smiled. "When are you going home? Most of the staff have left already," he chuckled.

You turned your head and looked out through the window - noting that the sky was turning a beautiful shade of purple, indicating that evening was imminent.

"I'll go home once I've sorted these papers out," you smiled.

"Alright, well I'll see you tomorrow," Jim waved before shutting your office door and leaving. As you continued with your work - you decided to give Michael a call.

Picking up the receiver, you quickly dialed the number before waiting as the line rang. After three seconds, someone picked up.

"Hello?" a strange female voice greeted you. You frowned, you hadn't recognized the voice as anyone that you knew. You opened your mouth to say something, but you heard shuffling - making you frown even further. "Hello?" Michael's voice finally greeted you.

"Michael?" you laughed a little. "Are you with someone? Who answered the phone just now?"

"Uh..." you heard him trail off.

"It's Tatiana, and we're sleeping together - so please don't disturb!" a sharp female voice screeched before the line got disconnected. Your heart was racing, and your palms were sweaty.

Was Michael really cheating on you? You sat back in your office chair, thinking. Several moments passed before you cleared your desk and grabbed your handbag, standing up.

"I'll just finish this tomorrow," you mumbled to yourself before walking out.

Right now, you needed to find out what was going on.


Once you had gotten back to Neverland, you noticed that everything was quiet. You looked around, noting that all the staff had left for the day. It was strange because normally, the members of staff would stay until early hours of the morning. You walked to the staircase, proceeding to ascend.

When you got to the bedroom that you shared with Michael, you scoffed a little when you found that the door was shut - he never did that unless he was with you. You reached out and touched the knob, twisting it before barging into the room.

However, instead of expecting to see Michael and another woman - you only saw Michael, a nervous smile on his face. You knew that something was fishy.

"Michael?" you raised an eyebrow. "What the hell were you doing whilst I was at work?"

Michael opened his mouth to say something, but something caught your eye. Underneath one of the pillows on the bed, you saw a bit of black lace. You walked over to it and tossed the pillow aside - revealing a pair of panties that did not belong to you.

With a clenched jaw, you turned to look at Michael.

"(Y/N), I can explain," he gulped.

"I'm out there, working - and here you are, screwing some slut!" you exclaimed.

Michael bit his lip before throwing his hands in the air out of frustration. "Well maybe if you weren't working so much, I wouldn't have to cheat on you!"

At that moment, Michael's eyes widened - and so did yours. He had just admitted his actions.

"You jerk," you cursed under your breath before shaking your head and walking out of the room. Michael followed you, calling your name - but you would have none of it.

As you made your way toward one of the cars, Michael pulled your hand - a sad look in his eyes.

"Please," he whispered.

"Save it for that tramp," you sneered before getting into the car.

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