Chapter five

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Recap: Suraj and his friends past.

Days passed and Suraj friends were seeing a change in him. He often looked up to the brothel as if he is waiting for someone. He looks upset, when he sees someone coming out of the brothel complimenting the new girl.

Sid come and sat next to him. "Suraj the job has to be done tonight! Will you be ready or should Deep or I do it?". He looked at him and Suraj shook his head. "I will do it. Then I will meet her tonight... she wants to meet, right?".

Laksh was coming with Karan both were holding food boxes in their hands. "What is this?". Deep asked them. "From whom you stole it?". Both pouts. "Not fair, we haven't stolen it from anyone. She gave it to us!".

They stood up. "She? Who is she?". Laksh looked at his back. "The new one! Hmm what was her name?". Both were looking at each other and then Suraj spit it out. "Chakor?". They looked at him and nods. "Haan Chakor! She gave it to us!".

Ajay looked at them suspiciously. "Why? What you did? Have you treat her again with the gun?". Laksh lowers his head and shook it. "No, we haven't done anything really. She isn't working today and was at home. We were passing by the market and she stopped us and gave us the food boxes! Saying you need power to work hard!".

Tit for tat...

"So you took it?". Deep lift an eyebrow and Karan comes. "Well she said that. Last time it was us, who fed her while she was working, she meant to say. We are even now! You remember Suraj sent Timepass to her. Remember when the Inspector come a few weeks ago!". They all nods. "Waise {BTW} you remembered her name?!". Laksh teases him. Suraj turns away ignoring his comment, he was lost in his thoughts.

Wait what, if she isn't here then whom are they talking about the new one? Who cares I want to see her...

Suraj stood up. "I have to go. I need to do some preparation for the night. Sid, Deep and Ajay we will meet at 9 pm outside the club we have to get him. And then we will finish him!". They nodded at him and he left from there without having food.

Laksh pouts. "She said feed him, what now? Should we eat it and lie to her, when we see her again?". He asked innocently to them. "Haan That is what we will do!". They all sit at their regular place and started to have the food.

Suraj was on his way to meet her, he passed by a flower stand and thought to buy her something. What would she like?. Does she want it?. He was confused and in a dilemma what to do. He doesn't want to drag him into her life neither does he want to hurt her or taking her for granted. He bought a small gift for her and went to meet her. The door was closed from inside, but he had the key. He took out the key and unlocked the locker of the door and slowly enters the house. She come out with a broomstick. "Who is there?". Suraj lifts his hands in defence and his gift fall on the floor. "Sorry!".

Chakor puts the broomstick away and looked at him surprised. "Suraj tum? Kiya hua sab theek hai? {You here? What happen is all fine?}". Suraj nods putting his hands down. Chakor saw his gaze on the floor where the present was lying she bend down at the same time like him. Both hit with their heads together. "Ouch!". They rubbed the head of the other one.

Chakor smiles and picked up the small gift. "What is this?". She was looking at him with shining eyes. "Open it!". He told her with a shy smile. Chakor sat on the bed and opens it in front of him. It was a small chain with a locket. "Suraj Thank you!". Suraj comes and took it in his hand he sat behind her and bond it on her neck. "It's silver I can't effort gold, but one day I will!". Chakor didn't care about it. "I love it, it is the first time someone gave me a gift that too without asking, it means a lot to me!". She turns to him holding his hand.

Suraj took a deep breath. "Why are you here? I mean don't you work daily? And why didn't you told me? Don't you want me to be near you? I'm dirty, right! I mean I'm the son of a prostitute, but...!". She seals his lips. "You are not dirty. And don't forget I am one! I didn't told you as I don't want to be burden on you. I mean what kind of relationship do we have? I'm the woman, who gave you a shelter and sometimes I gave you satisfaction! I'm not good at all!". Suraj caresses her cheek wiping the tears away. "You cooked for my friends why? You don't know them, then why?".

Chakor looked at him. "There is something in all of you. A pain you all went through, but your bounding is helping you out of this misery. Suraj I saw you all drinking your pain away! You know drinking is not good for your health, it makes you weak and unable to take the right decision, I know you are a killer. But I don't know why! Maybe it is something you have to do like me, I have to sell my body to survive!".

Suraj didn't answered her, why he kills other's. "Chakor, I will leave before 9 pm! But I will return soon! Is it okay?". She cups his face she saw his nervousness and fear. "I gave you the key to come and go whenever you want to! I will be waiting!". She kisses his lips... 🙈..

Suraj looked at her once before leaving her cottage, he locket the door and kept the key close to his heart....

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