chapter 19

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Adrien walked inside, immediately facing the scent of your home. He looked around, smiling. "I remembered the first time I came here."

You smiled back, instantly heading to the kitchen after turning the heater on. "Make yourself at home."

He did, landing softly on the mattress and continued to observe every little detail in your home. It was cool and homey in his opinion, and he liked the figurines sitting atop of your tv. He also saw a few of your family pictures displayed on the walls and asked, "You're alone?"

"Right now, yeah," you replied, walking towards him with two steaming cups. "My parents are at work, as usual." Without Adrien noticing, you kicked broken glass under the couch. "but it's okay-- um, I actually like to be alone. It's peaceful and quiet." You finally sat down, automatically handing him his own mug of hot chocolate. Your fingers brushed against each other. His hand was cold as heck, and you cringed internally.

The silence was comfortable. The two of you drank your chocolate as you enjoyed the heat against the cold season.

You checked the time, it was still early, but you don't know if Adrien wanted to go home already, so you carefully glanced at him.

He seemed to be contemplating. He looks like he was thinking of saying something, but he can't. His eyebrows were furrowed, his lips rested on the opening of the cup, looking downward.

 His eyebrows were furrowed, his lips rested on the opening of the cup, looking downward

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(just imagine lololol)

Suddenly, he noticed it. You quickly snapped your head front and down, holding your mug carefully or it might break. You sighed.

"Y/N..." Adrien said.

You steadied yourself. Everytime you hear your name from him just sounds so impossible. "Y-yes..?" You said, quite unsure. 

You turned around slightly and saw his head leaning against the couch. He was looking at you with a smile. You were really confused and wanted to say something, until he opened his mouth.

 You were really confused and wanted to say something, until he opened his mouth

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"You're so adorable, being curious and all that."

At that, your face heated up automatically. You were unable to speak, your words were stuck in your throat. Adrien laughed out loud, placing his mug down so he could laugh properly.  Your cheeks were held with both of your hands now, your heartbeat increased. You were speechless.

Adrien suddenly quipped, "Please, stop it."

"Stop what?" You managed to utter. 

"... being cute"

You didn't know if you could still handle this, but to Adrien, he's enjoying every second of it. He saw you, seeming to be contemplating on your life decisions. Adrien decided to do the most spontaneous thing. 

He leaned forward and pinched your face cheeks. He wiggled it up and down and your head followed it. He was smiling so wide, and your head was really pink. He then pushed your face cheeks together with both of his hands. He laughed, pouting like a baby. You eventually grabbed his hands very tightly and pushed it away. 

Your heart was beating very quickly, you were afraid it could jump out of your chest any second. Why is this happening? Why are you feeling things that you can't explain? You slightly palmed your chest where your heart was located, and you can feel it's faster tempo. 

Hearing his laugh, it makes you happy too. Seeing him smile puts you in a better mood. Just seeing him in general... makes you feel good. 

Your eyes widen in shock as you realized something you didn't think of sooner. 

Oh, heck no.

No, no, no. You tried to deny it. You want to deny it. You can't have a crush on this cute, perfect, model- guy! A caring, wonderful, strong, brave, amazing husba--

Okay, you're making this worst.

It took you a minute to realize that you are in the reality where Adrien was laughing his butt off. You tried to hide the fact that you're basically denying your own thoughts. "Is that what you wanted to tell me?" You said, going back to your expressionless, yet frustrated face. 

Adrien instantly stopped, composing himself on the couch. He sat more properly, his face red possibly from all that laughing. "No," he said quietly. "It wasn't that." He looked down, he was still blushing. The drinks were probably warm now, but you can still drink it. 

"Then, what is it?" You reached for your mug on the table and drank a bit. You were still listening, you were just staring at the bottom of your cup as you drank. When he wasn't answering, you looked up. "... Is something wrong?" Your eyebrows furrowed in concern.

Adrien held his hands together. He was sweating profusely. "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Adrien, you can trust me. You can tell me anything." He didn't respond. You sighed, feeling slightly hurt. "But if you're uncomfortable to talk about it, it's alright with me. You could go now that the snow storm calmed down."

"Wait," He said as he grabbed your wrist. "I trust you."

With those words, you suddenly feel genuinely happy about yourself. Someone trusts you and is kind enough to lend you their secrets. So you just sat there and wait. 

Adrien took a deep breath, ready to tell you that, "I...."

end of chapter nineteen


next chapter will be much longer, i promise!! also, sorry for the delay. i've been crying so much from stress and it's driving me crazy!!! also, my mouse is spazzing so much so im sorry for any mistakes, i had to restart my computer twice hot damn. if you wanna know all abt my life, go to my other book "my thoughts" and just read lmao lmao lmao

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