29- Meeting His Family

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Michelle p.o.v

I'm so nervous today I'm flying with Niall to Ireland to meet his parent what if they don't like me? I kept saying that in my head

"Princess stop worrying my mum will love you" Niall says

"Ok I'll stop" I take a deep breath "I'm sorry but I can't stop" I say Niall just chuckled at me

"Flight 201 to Ireland is now boarding" the lady announced I toke a deep breath and picked up my stuff but Niall beat me to it

"Ready" he says

"Yep lets go" we walk to the gate and then get on the plane. I hope this goes well

Julie p.o.v

"I'm so nervous" I tell Zayn for the 100th time

"Babe you need to stop worrying my mum is really excited to meet you she'll love you"

"Okay fine I'll try to calm down" Zayn chuckled at me

"Flight 138 to Bradford England is now boarding"

"That's us ready"


Abby p.o.v

"Are we almost there" I ask Liam we been sitting

"No just a few more minutes"

"So do you think you parent will like me" I ask Liam

"They'll love you"

"Thanks but I'm still nervous"

"You should go to sleep we still have time" he says

"Alright" I lay my head on his shoulder

Michelle p.o.v

"Do you see them" I ask Niall

"No not yet" I start looking around

"Niall" we heard someone say from behind us we turn around and see who I think is Niall's mum running towards us

"Hey mum" Niall says

"Oh my baby" she says a pulls Niall in a hug

"And who is this lovely lady" she says turning to me

"Mum this is Michelle my girlfriend, Michelle this is my mum"

"Nice to meet you mrs.Gallagher" I say to her

"Oh please honey call me Maura" she says a pulls me in a hug I hug her back

"Where going to meet them back at the house"

"Right lets go"

Julie p.o.v

"Zayn" some one calls from behind


"Zayn I missed you so much"

"I missed you too"

"Mum this is Julie my girlfriend, Julie this is my mum Trisha"

"Nice to meet you Mrs.Malik"

"Please honey call me Trisha" she pulls me in a hug and I hug her back

"Zayns sisters are waiting in the house they can't wait to meet you"

"I can't wait to meet them too"

Abby p.o.v

"There's my mom" Liam says

"Liam" his mom says once she sees us

"Hello mrs Payne"

"Please call me Karen and its so nice to finally meet the girl my sons been talking about" she says

"Nice to meet you too"

"We should get going everyone is waiting at home"she says

Michelle p.o.v

"We're here" she says once we pull up to the house we get out of the car and walk up once Maura opens the door she says "Niall welcome home and Michelle welcome to the family" we walked in and saw a welcome home banner and how I guess is Niall's brother

"Michelle this is my older brother Greg" he said pointing to him "and this is his wife Denise and there son Theodore"

"Nice to meet you guys" I say

"Nice to meet you to Michelle and welcome to the family" I smiled at them

Julie p.o.v

Once we get to the house we go inside and I see Zayns sisters

"Julie this is Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa my sisters"

"Nice to meet you Julie your so much prettier in person" Safaa says

"Zayn talks about you alot" Waliyha says

"It's nice to meet you guys too"

Abby p.o.v

"Abby I'll like you to meet Geoff Payne my father"

"Nice to meet you sir"

"Oh and these are my sisters Nicola and Ruth"

"Nice to meet all of you guys"

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