Palace part 2

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" Kufufufu I need to tell Kyoya sama" Mukuro disappear in dark.

" Tamami, I'm sorry I lie to you few minutes ago " Tsuna felt guilt

" Why? Tsuna " Tamami felt confuse.

" Did you remember what I told you a few minutes ago? Tsuna asked

" About what? " Tamami tilt her head

" or did you want to go back home " Tamami felt concern about Tsuna.

" I will stay here " Tsuna give answer

" and is about I felt someone staring on me " Tsuna put her head down.

" Let's go back home now if you felt uncomfortable " Tamami invite Tsuna to go home with determination look.

" Okay " Tsuna accept Tamami invitation to go home has Tsuna cannot refuse Tamami when Tamami has determination face on her face.

Has Tsuna and Tamami started walking toward outside palace. Talisa block Tsuna and Tamami way.

" Ugly Tsuna " Talisa calling Tsuna.

Tsuna and Tamami stop their walking. Make every girl in the palace stop what they doing and look at Tamami and Tsuna.

Tamami step infront of Tsuna to protect her.

" What did you want, Talisa ? " Tamami asked

" Tamami step away from ugly Tsuna, I'm not talking about you but I'm talking about ugly Tsuna " Talisa said

" I refuse " Tamami refuse

" Tamami I can pay you if you leave ugly Tsuna and not befriend with ugly Tsuna " Talisa invite Tamami to join her.

Tsuna felt shaking and trauma heard Talisa voice.

Tamami felt something wrong and turn her face to Tsuna.

" Tsuna " Tamami calling Tsuna name

" Ta....m " Tsuna calling Tamami name  but Tsuna cannot said Tamami full name has she shaking.

" I need to bring Tsuna home now " In Tamami mind.

" Kyoya sama look " Mukuro pointing at Talisa, Tsuna and Tamami

Kyoya froze on the spot

" Kyoya sama are you okay? " Mukuro felt confuse and asked

" At last you come my cute little animal " In Kyoya mind

" Go home ugly Tsuna and not dare to step on my palace!! " Talisa shout

" And one more ugly Tsuna after I become queen you need to polish my shoes and listen my order okay, ugly Tsuna " Talisa add one more.

" She said that this palace will become her " Kyoya smirk

" Mukuro, did you know that girl who shout at the orange dress girl ? " Kyoya asked.

" I felt surprise you asked me about girl " Mukuro amaze.

" Answer me or I will bite you to death " Kyoya force Mukuro to answer

" Hai " Mukuro nod.

" I know she is Talisa Reo, she is sole daughter of Reo company " Mukuro answer

" Talisa, I will give my an answer of your question Tsuna always is my friend and I will not betray her forever because she is my family " Tamami an answer with determination look.

" Why? just leave ugly Tsuna alone I can buy you anything you like, Tamami " Talisa afraid of Tamami determination but she still asked a question on Tamami.

" and after I become queen you can spent your live in palace with me " Talisa said with confidence

" Who said you will become my wife " A voice appear


See you next time * = *

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