Confessions of a Wrongly Priest

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My words fill the weak

With my lies.

They hang on every word

Spilled from my sinful lips.

Why would they trust me?

Maybe for a sense of justice

Or for false hope?

Looking up to me

Like I'm a demi-god

But I could never compare

To their almighty God.

The hypocrites of the choir

Filled with unjustified pride

Starting with unnecessary singing

To lynching of the homosexual,

Though I am no better

Than the liars of [here].

My eyes are open,

But I don't see them.

My ears are open,

But I can't and won't here them.

I am no man

But a coward,

A ghost,

An empty shell.

I lost my redemption

Long before my beginning

But my time is coming to an end

So farewell cruel world,

I will see you in the morning

But for now I shall cry

As I wrap my arms around him

For I am in the wrong.

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