♡Missing You♡

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You sighed as you sat down at the edge of the large bed. Your face was wet from all the crying that you had done earlier, and your eyes were swollen. The week had been horrible, and your husband, Michael, was away on tour. The distance had put a lot of strain on your marriage, but you were pulling through.

You sniffled before fiddling with your wedding ring. You and Michael had only been married for a year. Ever since he had departed from home to commence his tour, you had been very lonely; and judging from the phone calls that you had been having with your husband - he missed you even more.

Looking around the large, and lonely, bedroom - you felt helpless. You missed Michael more than anything. He was everything to you, and you were everything to him.

A moment passed before you heard a soft knock at the door. You let out a breath and turned your head.

"Come in,"

The door opened to reveal Carol, the chief of staff at Neverland. She had a smile on her face, but when she saw how upset you looked - her expression changed. She walked in and shut the door behind her, making her way over to sit down next to you.

You felt the bed sink a little as she did so.

"Honey, I know that you miss Michael," she whispered, rubbing your back.

"I don't just miss him," you laughed a little. "I need him,"

"Ah, I remember," Carol chuckled a little, making you turn your head to look at her. "Back when I first got married to Timothy," she said, referring to her husband. "We were just like you and Michael,"

You laughed a little, wiping away the tears on your face.

"You should go and visit him," she suggested. "Find out where he is, and take a flight down there,"

Your eyes widened slightly. Carol's idea sounded wonderful.

"I could surprise him!" you giggled before throwing your arms around Carol. "Oh, thank you, Carol! You're the best!"


Several days later, you had travelled down to Tokyo, Japan. The flight was fairly long, but you hadn't minded. At present moment, you were at the hotel that Michael was staying at - and you were in the elevator, making your way up to the penthouse suite.

Once the elevator had arrived at the respective floor, the doors opened and you grabbed your bag - walking out. Instantly, you found yourself in a large corridor, and several meters away - you saw your husband.

Michael had his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants as he looked out through the large, glass window. You took several steps forward before Michael turned his head when he sensed your presence. His eyes widened when he saw you.

"(Y/N)?!" he gawked, rushing over to you. Tears of joy ran down your face as you dropped your bag - running the rest of the way, and into Michael's arms. "You're here!"

His arms were wrapped around you firmly, and finally - you felt that you were home.

"I am!" you laughed. "Carol gave me the idea," you sniffled as he pulled away to look at you. "I missed you so much,"

"I missed you more," he kissed your forehead.

"I missed you most,"

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