Chapter 11 "I Promise!"

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Error's p.o.v.

It's the end of lunch. Everyone leaves the cafeteria, but Dust and Ink. "So..." Ink starts, crossing his arms. "So...wHaT?" I ask, nervously. "Everything! The abuse, the fear, the pain, the sadness. When did this all happen? Ink and I are completely in the dark here." Dust blurts out. I sigh. "ArE yA'lL oK? YoU're oVeRreAcTinG." I say, avoiding the question. "We're fine. We just need you to answer our questions." Ink says. "CaN wE tAlK aBouT tHIs lAtER? We'rE gOiNg tO bE lAtE fOr cLaSs." I tell them, starting to walk. "Fine, but I have a question." Ink says, stopping me by putting his hand on my chest. "WhAt iS iT?" I ask. "Are you okay?" He asks. 'No. Of course I'm not.' "It dEpEndS oN yOuR dEfIniTiOn oF oKaY." I tell him. 'At least I push all the bad memories deep down. It's what helps me sleep at night.' "Oh yea?" Dust asks, rhetorically. It's obvious he knows I'm avoiding the question. "YeA." I say. "Can I test something then? It'll help see if your my definition of okay." Dust asks. "What are you going to do?" Ink asks. Dust whispers to Ink. I can't hear what they're saying. Ink nods when Dust stops whispering to him. Dust then raises his hand like he's about to hit me, so I squeeze my sockets shut.

A moment passes, then another. I keep my sockets screwed shut. I hear Ink talk. "See? You aren't okay. You're still scared. How long has he been doing this to y'all? If you won't tell me then at least be truthful about how you feel." Suddenly, I feel arms wrap around me. My body flinches, but once I realize that I'm not in pain I open my sockets. It's Ink. I automatically hug back. Ink picks me up bridal style and I yelp in surprise. A click sounds and I look to see Dust with his phone out. "What? Blue ships this stuff." Dust says with a smirk. "Whatever. You don't want to be late for class do you?" I don't even get to answer when Ink zooms down the hall with me in his arms. "Ahh! InK! WhAt aRe yOu dOinG!" I scream, gripping tightly onto him. "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm taking you to class." Ink says with a smirk.

Ink puts me down right in front of the door. "ThAt wAsn'T vErY nICe InKy." I say, pouting. "Oh! Is someone not happy?" Ink asks, poking my cheek bone. I turn away from him. "HmPh!" I feel arms wrap around me from behind. "Aw! I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?" He asks. "No! YoU sHoUld'Ve aSkeD mE bEfOre cArRyiNg mE arOuNd lIkE a rAgdOLl." I tell him. "Fine. Then I guess I'll be sad all day." Ink says, letting go of me. I quickly turn around to see Ink's back to me with the back of his hand on his foreskull dramatically. "InK. I'm sO sOrRy! I diDn'T mEaN iT! I fOrGivE yOu!" I say, quickly. Ink turns around and hugs me. "It's ok Error. I wasn't that sad. It was just a joke. Don't take it too seriously. Okay?" He says. I sigh in relief and we quickly enter the classroom right when the bell rings. Ink sits on the left side of me. I look to see who's sitting to my right, only to see someone I don't know glaring at me. It's a girl. She doesn't look very friendly. "Hi!" I say, excited and waving. I'm kind of scared, but maybe she's nice. Her glaring intensifies and she gains a look of disgust mixed in with it. I flinch at how mean she looks. 'Only Sir looks at me with that much hate.' I involuntarily whimper in fear. I feel a hand on my shoulder. When I turn I see Ink, but he's not looking at me. He's looking at the girl with an angry look in his eyes. "Leave him alone Hollow." Ink says. "Oh, how funny. You're going after a nerd now? What happened? Oh, I know. You're using him to get at Era..." Before the girl, Hollow, can finish Ink yells. "Enough! I'm over him! Error is an amazing monster! I'm not using him for anything! Now can you shut up?!" I'm surprised by Ink's sudden need to yell. "Mr.Splatter! We do not raise our voice in this classroom! Calm yourself!" Mr.Gerson yells.

Ink's p.o.v.

I snap at Hollow. It's one thing to talk about...him, but it's another if they try to drag Error into this mess. "Ok! Ok! I'm calm now." I say. Error decides to not even look in Hollow's direction for the rest of class which goes by quickly. When we leave class Error waves goodbye, but I stop him. "Nope. I'm not letting you walk alone." I tell him. "WhY?" He asks, confused. I casually shrug. "We dOn'T eVeN hAVe tHe SamE cLaSs tOgEthEr. YoU'll be lAtE." Error says. "I'll be fine." I say, grabbing his hand. He gives in and I walk him to choir.

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