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"Tell me once again why you had to work on the last day of summer break?" my best friend, Caroline, asks as she takes out a vinyl from one of the many boxes we were surrounded by. 

We were currently in the storage room of Dusty Groove, the local record store. It was one of my favorite places in our town. I've always found comfort in old things; records being part of those. Plus, since most teens these days don't listen to records anymore, I could hang out in this place peacefully without having to worry of running into someone from school. The only teenagers that I know set foot in this store were my friends, and I love them.

As a result of my constant presence at Dusty Groove, Sage, the owner, told me that she would be happy to offer me a job at the beginning of the summer. I, of course, didn't say no. How could I say no to getting paid for hanging out in my favorite place? Because let's be really honest here, the only costumers we get nowadays are hipsters, and old people.

Maybe Caroline was a bit right, it sucked a little that I had to be here on my last day of freedom from school, but Sage was expecting a shipment today and I couldn't just leave her on her own. She already has a lot to juggle with being a graduate student and managing the store. 

I roll my eyes, "Because I need the money, Caroline."

"Lies!" she exclaims, plopping down on one of the old bean bags, "Who even listens to records anymore?" 

"We do!" I retort looking up from the clipboard, and throwing a ball of paper at her direction, "If I'm not mistaken, you're always asking Sage for a discount", I remind her, and she sticks out her tongue. 

"Let's see if I give you a discount next time you ask," Sage says jokingly, peeking her head from the boxes, and I let out a giggle. 

Caroline immediately stands up, "Sage, you know I'm not serious. It's just that, Tessa and I could be doing fun stuff, ya know?" 

I shake my head, chuckling at my best friend's antics, "Like what?"

"I dunno, like eating a burger at the Corner Café!" she says flinging her arms in the air in exasperation. 

I don't blame her, we've been here for the past three hours inputting the shipment into the system. She could have been doing a million different things, but she decided she wanted to come here with me as an act of solidarity. 

That's why we became friends. 

Caroline Yorkes, always sweet as a candy and loyal as a lion. We met half way through second grade, when my only friend was absent one day and I didn't have another person to play with. I was on one of the swings all by myself. No one really wanted to hang out with the girl who had a funny accent, except for Peter Kavinsky (the aforementioned only friend) and eventually Caroline. 

"You're Peter K's friend," Caroline said as she approached me in the swings, and I timidly nodded, "He's absent." 

She was wearing a really colorful headband adorned with flowers that she now uses as a scrunchie.

"I know," I responded, a bit annoyed at the blue eyed girl. 

Caroline smiled, completely unbothered by my dry and annoyed tone. She then sat on the swing next to me, "I can be your friend too, you know? I think your accent is really cool, so if anyone makes fun of it, you let me know and I'll kick their butt." 

And that moment I knew that I wanted to be friends with the girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes. Playdates at Chuck E. Cheese's, sleepovers at my house, first signs of puberty is what made a our friendship strong. Our love for romcoms, Harry Potter and records were a bonus, but what definitely made our friendship what it is today is the loyalty we've always had for each other. We don't keep secrets from one another.  

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