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India has a diverse culture, which has remained rooted in its history and heritage. Underneath this diversity runs the continuity of Indian thought and system of values, which have been reflected in its social structure from the earliest times till today.

This is especially true of most of the country's border states, but nowhere do these influences come together more splendidly than in Rajasthan, "the abode of princes."

The region has also absorbed some of the traditions, culture, costume, and style of these visitors. The travelers, in turn, sustained and enriched the area, endowing it with a colorful and romantic heritage. Rajputi Posahk has indicated the royalty of Rajput's. The Rajputi Outfit is colorful and elaborate and is still proudly worn by Rajasthanis. Here's an introduction to Rajasthan's traditional dress.

Jaipur is a city that's known for its splendor and richness

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Jaipur is a city that's known for its splendor and richness. A royal city in the state of Rajasthan, the city and state both have been famed exceptionally for their opulence when it comes to lavish lifestyles, culinary delights and textile grandeur.

Rajputi Poshaks are renowned for their 'bandhej' and 'lehariya' work worldwide and are a fancy among many women. The textile work here along with the ornamentation of zardosi work, gotta Patti embroidery, stonework and more is an extravagance in itself and a dream for many women to adorn themselves in.

The Plush Textile Culture Of Jaipur & Rajasthan-

1. The Trend For The Rajputi Dress

Apart from this plush textile display, what's also much famed in Rajasthan and Jaipur is the trade of Rajputi dresses. Rajputi dress trade is also seen to have a great online presence where people indulge in a classic online shopping experience for these dresses.

A Rajputi poshak or a Rajputi dress is an attire made of 4 unique pieces of garments in gorgeous patterns, attractive embroidery, dazzling ornamentation of stones and beads and dyed in bright and rich colors. A Rajputi dress in Jaipur will never fail to capture your attention because a woman exhibiting this dress reflects elegance and grace in the purest of its forms.

2. Elegance & Sophistication Personified With Rajputi Dressing

Today, Rajputi poshak's are not plain limited to Jaipur or Rajasthan but they have found love in women hailing from different states of our country and even beyond. Rajputi poshak's are designed artistically to render sophistication to the attire as these are often adorned by women on festive occasions, religious ceremonies, weddings, and parties. A Rajputi poshak guarantees absolute comfort and does not weight down the attire with the ornamentation and embroidery work.

3. The Different Garments That Make Up The Rajputi Poshak

When adorned with complimenting jewelry, the Rajputi poshak creates a wonderful aura and appearance in itself for the women. The kanchali, kurti, ghagra, and odhani are the essential individual garments that make up the whole Rajputi dress in Jaipur which is super comfortable to drape and carry as opposed to their heavy and jazzy appearance.

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