Chapter 9

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Thank you all for sticking with A Beta life! I have written this today because I was so excited about what is coming for Aida and Argent!

Please let me know if you see any errors :)

Argent POV

I stand in the ruins of the old institution staring at Aida. Her long straight hair hangs in a single plait over her shoulder and the deep brown reminds me of my wolves colour. We match. We were meant to be. She is a tiny slip of a girl. Long lean legs lead into a long thin torso and beautiful slender arms. I swear she is so tiny I could pick her up with one hand.

She took the shift amazingly well. She didn't scream and run away like most people seeing this for the first time. Like most humans who have witnessed a shift have done so before her.

She was unbelievable. Calm. Strong. Brave. She is everything my mate should be. Everything the next Luna and leader of our pack should be.

My mother would like her. I feel a slight tinge of sadness at that thought. I miss her.

As we stand here together now, in silence, it's not even awkward. I know she is just taking it all in. No doubt she will have millions of questions but I have nowhere I would rather be and all the time in the world for her.

I take her dainty hand in mine, I love how they feel laced together. I lead her to a small bench under a tree. It faces the stream and the soft sound the trickling of the water makes is soothing.
I hope she feels like she is ready talk to me about all this.

As we sit, she faces me and her expression changes. A small frown starts in her brows and makes a small crinkle in the bridge of her nose. Its adorable.

"So" She starts. And then stops suddenly, changing her line of thought..
I can see she is trying to figure out how to even begin.

"You are a wolf."

I nod. Waiting for her to continue.

"And, your not the only one who can do this I suppose? Because you said that, that you think I am a wolf too"

I nod again.

"And does this mean your family are wolves too?"

"Yes. We are. For as long as we can trace, my family has been the leading members of the Morningtown pack. My father is the alpha, the leader. I will be the next leader."

She looks ahead and seems to be taking it all in. She nods her head and then starts to shake it before dropping her head into her hands like it's all too heavy for her right now.

My father would not have approved of me doing this, out here in the open, but I feel like I had to. Something about this whole situation is off.

I take her hand in mine, lifting her head up as I do. I so badly want to tell her about mates and how she belongs to me and that I will do anything to help her but I think that it would be overwhelming for her right now. One step at a time. But damn I want to hold her.

I begin again.

"Aida, usually, wolves turn at early puberty. The first time they shift is difficult and painful but as they continue to shift, learn more, it becomes a natural progression. We learn about it our whole life pre shift."

"We are one with our wolf. We speak in each other's minds. One cannot exist without the other. That is why I have no clue why you don't know. I don't know why you have never turned. I have never heard of this happening before."

"Tell me, can you not hear your wolf? Does she not speak to you? Didn't your parents tell you?"

I stare at her beautiful round face. I can see her searching for a response. She is thinking it all over. What happened today. Maybe something in her past will help us figure this out? Maybe a memory she has now makes more sense?

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