Bitch in Blue

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"(Y/N), he doesn't love you. He's been trying to kill you for the past two months." Four lied.

"And what makes you think I'd believe you?"

"Because who was always there for you when this asshole left you?"

I growled once again, cocking my gun, Tris did the same. I popped my neck.

"Don't listen to him, (Y/N). I love you."

God, now they're all sounding like a basic movie.

"If you come with us, you won't have to listen to anyone. You don't have to hide your secret. You're a Divergent. Everyone knows this."

Someone had let it slip.. I'm a Divergent. This is what also led up to this: I had followed Eric in here, I heard yelling and such. Then I saw Four with Eric on the ground. I pointed my gun at Tris, and guess who shows up? Bitch in Blue.

"I know that, you Idiot." I insult my 'brother'.

"If you go with them, you'll be killed (Y/N). Everyone knows how dangerous you are. Everyone wants you on their side." Eric explained.

"What are you going to do with Eric?"

"If he tries anything, I will shoot him. If you try anything, she will shoot you."

"If I leave with you?"

"He'll be knocked out."

I lowered my gun.

"No, (Y/N)!"

* BANG~! *

"No!" I shouted, shooting at Tris.

Then, Four shot at me. They say that when you get shot in the head, you have 20 seconds to either think about the past or what happens now.

I thought about Eric. I looked at the eyes that slowly drained with life.

Five seconds.

I reminded myself about everything that we had done with each other. All the sneaked kisses, all the hugs, all the love.

Ten seconds.

Everything that we did, we did together. If I could, I would've smiled at the memories, but I can't even twitch.

Fifteen seconds.

I love you, Eric. I will always love you. And I hope the same goes for you. I'll see you in the underworld. I'll see you in Hell. I'll see you wherever you're going, because that's where I'm going.

Goodbye 'World'.

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