Change in Events

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* Four Months Later *

Goddamn it. I grunted at the situation that we were all in: Eric was on his knees, Four was holding him down with a gun to his head, I was aimed at Four, Tris was aimed at me, and Jean was aimed at Tris.

"(Y/N), it doesn't have to end like this. You can stay with us. We'll keep you safe." Four reassured, not looking at me.

"Who told you I wanted to be safe?" I asked, holding my gun with one hand.

The other held my mask.

"Don't fucking touch her." Eric growled with his hands behind his head.

He's trying to make a plan.

"We don't want to hurt you, (Y/N)." Tris said, still pointing her gun at me.

"If you go with them, (Y/N), they'll kill you." Jean said, glaring at Tris.

I growled. I pointed my gun at Jean making Tris do the same.

"(Y/N), don't do it." Eric growled.

Something inside me broke.

"And why the fuck not?"

"Because if you do that, I'll have to kill you."

I kept silent. He wouldn't. I ignored his threat, shooting at Jean. I shot her in the chest. She'll make it if people get to her in time. That's 'if' they make it. I pointed back at Four.

"Shoot me then."

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