"Save a Seat for Me."

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"2548." I whispered in his ear.

He slide his right arm under my ass while I held onto his body. With his left hand, he typed the code in quickly before coming back to my legs. He slid his right arm back up around my back. I took no offense to him touching my ass. I mean he had to and plus, it's not his fault. Someone had to get the door.

We walked into the room.


I nodded, pointing straight with my good arm. He walked straight until a door came into view. I shook my head for a 'no, don't stop'. He got that and kept going until my living room came into view. On the left side, there was another door. I nodded at that door. Bending down some, he opened the doorknob with his left hand.

He pushed it open when he had it unlocked with his foot. He walked in, taking me over to the bed. Gently, he placed me down onto it.

"Shoes off?"

I nodded at that question, continuing to relax against the soft bed. Only if Eric was beside me. Peter walked to end of my bed, untying my shoes. Gently, he took the boot off of my right leg. I grunted in pain. When the boot was finally off, he took the other boot off carelessly. He tossed them into the closet's open door.

"That all?"

I nodded my head. I leaned back against my pillow, slowly.

"Just.. try to reach me if you need anything else." He said, trying to figure out a way to get connected with me.

"Save me a spot beside you." I whispered, hearing the doorknob be twisted.

"So, you're finally going to eat with us?"

I chuckled, "Yeah."

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