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"Love to help my leaders." Peter said, lying to a Superior.

Like hell this asshole does. He doesn't even like doing his chores when he is assigned them. I mentally rolled my eye at his words, knowing the truth. Why is he doing this, though? We didn't threaten him to do this, we didn't do anything to him, actually. He just.. Volunteered. I brushed off my thoughts, not caring about it.

Maybe he is trying to change for the good. She turned back around at my quietness and Peter's words. Eric simply turned his head back around, facing the silver doors while Jean pressed the button for up. When the doors came to the very bottom of the apartment building, they slid opened.

Jean and Eric were the first inside, turning around to face us. Peter and I made our way in there, turning around so that our backs were facing them. Without him even asking, Peter lifted me up off of the ground and into both of his arms. I snapped my head over at him, staring.

"I was getting tired of just half of your weight." He shrugged like what he just did was nothing.

Well, when you get killed by Eric, don't haunt me. I rolled my eye at his naive self, wrapping my right arm around his shoulder.

"The Doc told me to tell you that one of the Nurses left four pain killers in your pocket in case your pain intensified."

I nodded, not even noticing the feeling of them in my pocket. I had passed out when I reached the helicopter, so either Peter or Four had brought me back in. I placed my left, hurt shoulder onto to my lap, and swung my left, good leg in the air as we all waited for the doors to open up.

It wasn't an awkward silence that everyone gave off, it was more of a tension between us all. Don't know what Jean has to be so uptight about, she got her man. Peter isn't even my type. Too much into himself. I wiggled against him, trying to find the warmth, but nothing.

"What are you doing?" He asked, gripping my shoulders tighter so I wouldn't fall.

I did a small, shaking action so, hopefully, he'd get it. It donged on him quickly after he stared at me for a moment. He pulled me closer to his chest, giving my bad leg and shoulder a gentle squeeze. I grunted, catching his eyes.

"I'm sorry." He muttered, releasing some pressure.

I nodded, finally feeling his warmth. In another second or so, the doors of the elevator automatically opened for us. Peter and I were the first out then Jean and Eric.

"Which room are you?"

"She's left side, left door of me." Eric spoke from behind.

Then, Jean and him were in front of us. They stopped at the fifth door from the elevator. Meaning, Peter stopped the fourth door from the elevator.


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