Infirmary's Best Friend

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I closed my eye, allowing him to lead me to the helicopter. I felt someone else pick my free arm. I opened up my eye to look beside me. Four and Tris. Four was holding onto me under my arm and Tris was beside him. We all climbed onto the first helicopter; Peter getting in first to help me in, Four behind me, and Tris behind him.

Tris shut the door with the help with one of the Dauntless soldiers on the outside. Then, we took off in the air.

* Back at the Dauntless Base *

"You have a major bruising in your kneecap, shot shoulder, busted lip, chin, and forehead, and your right rib cage is just a minor bruised."

"So, no cast or anything like that?" Peter asked beside me as he leaned his left hand onto the bed.

Four and Tris was on the opposite side of me, listening patiently to the Doc's words.

Doc shook his head, "She just needs to take it easy."

He put his hands on the railing in front of the bed while I laid down on top of it with my left arm above my chest. Peter nodded at his words, taking them in.

"I'm free?" I asked.

Doc chuckled under his breath, nodding.

"Can't wait to see what you did with the Rebellions." He smirked, walking out of the room.

I smirked under my mask, leaning up from the bed. Slowly, I pushed my legs off of Peter's side.

"Can you walk correctly without falling?" Peter asked, getting in front of me.

He put both of his hands on each side of my shoulders. I nodded, slowly getting on my feet. I bit my lip at the pain, but ignored it. I'm fine. I'm fine. Then, the door to the Infirmary opened. All of us looked at the opening doors. Eric and Jean.

"I see you're doing well." Jean smiled down at my sitting form.

"You should just file for working down here, (Y/N). You always seem to be getting hurt." She commented.

I kept my mouth shut.

"I'm sure you aren't here criticize (Y/N). Do you need something?" Peter asked smartly.

"Watch your tongue, initiate." Eric snapped.

I put my hand on Peter's stomach, standing up. Like a new reflex, he grabbed my elbow and back, helping me up.

"I see that you and Peter Hayes have come acquainted." She pointed out, looking at Peter then me.

"Who I get to know is known of your business."

"Watch it, (Y/N)." Eric muttered, taking a step forward.

Ignoring the pain that coursed through my body, I also took a step forward with my bad leg, out of reflex. I looked into his eyes, concern and regret filled his voice. We faked the glares at each other, silently arguing at each other when we rather be loving. I was the first, like always, to break the argument.

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