Wrong Words

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"They're going to kill you, (Y/N). Your precious little Eric can't save you from Jean and the rest of Dauntless."

She, once again, came at me, turning around to elbow my face. I ducked just in time, extending the tips of my fingers to her stomach. I applied pressure, hard. Then, I punched her chest back, making her almost fall backwards, but she caught herself. As she was doing that, I jumped up, spinning around, kicking her cheek.

"I don't want to fight you." She claimed, holding her cheek, "I want to save you."

"I don't need saving." I growled, throwing a punch but she blocked it.

I spun around, extending my leg out to kick her stomach, but she grabbed my whole leg. She brought me towards her, making me lose balance of my opposite leg. I fell down on top of it, hearing a sickening pop. Fuck. I growled as she let my other leg drop to the ground. I held my kneecap while she looked down at me.

"Enough, fighting (Y/N). You can't fight me." Her ego going high.

You want to bet? While she stood hovering above me, I punched her kneecap with all my might. With another sickening pop, she fell to the ground. My knee is going to be very bruised, but hers will be broken. I climbed on top of her, ignoring the pain. As I was about to pin her down, she kicked my stomach, then punched my mask.

I fell to the other side of her. Without me even noticing, she had grabbed her precious gun. She made everyone freeze at just the sight and click of her gun.

"Enough!" She shouted, surely now catching everyone's attention.

"Come back with us or you die, (Y/N). Right here, right now."

My side wanted to come forward, but they couldn't. I lifted my mask up to my lips.

"I'll take my chances with whatever comes next, bitch."

She growled, "They're going to find out, (Y/N). They're going to kill you! Why can't you just see that no one cares about you except for us!?"

"Are you serious?" My voice loud and raspy, "If you cared about me so much you would've done something rather than fucking break my leg. You don't care about me. You only care about my status."

* BANG ~! *

I lowered my mask back down when she shot at the spot beside my head. I raised my middle finger at her.

"Your lover hurt you. He was Dauntless. He hurt you so bad, (Y/N). And they didn't do shit to him. They didn't allow you to kill him, yourself. All they told you was you either get better or you turn into one of us. They didn't care about you, (Y/N)! Not even your own lover!"

I growled at her words.

"Wrong words." I heard someone in the field mutter.

Most likely Peter.

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