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He leaned against the railing. All of them had their guns raised, ready to fire at will. Their leader got in front of the formation that he/she lead. He/She had on a black mask, that somehow stood out from the rest.

"Yes." They said, their voice still camouflaged.

"Good luck." Peter yawned.

"You're out numbered, hands up." They ordered us.

My hands clenched at the wooden object.

"You're funny." Four said with no humor in his voice.

He took a step down while I jumped up on top of the railing. I sat down swinging my legs.

"No one move!" They shouted, raising their single gun at Four.

Some pointed at me, some pointed at the people behind Four.

"You aren't going to shoot me."

"What makes you so sure?"

Four took another step, I jumped off of the railing.

"Because you won't, Evelyn. You won't at least hurt the person that you need."

"You're right." She said, taking off the mask, "I can shoot the rest of you."

* BANG ~! *

The girl jumped, taking a step back. The gun shot almost hit her foot. Nevertheless, though, she stood her ground with her gun raised. I walked over to her, she cocked her gun. I grabbed the whole thing, pulling it to my masked face.

"Shoot." I whispered.

"My God, what did they do to you?"

While she was off guard, I pulled the gun down, bringing her to the ground. She reacted by kicking my legs from under me. Then, gun shoots could be heard all over the place. I fell to the ground with a grunt. She got on top of me, straddling my waist.

"I don't want to hurt you, (Y/N)!" She shouted over the guns and battle cries.

"But I do." I growled, flipping us, noticing that she wasn't holding me down.

I brought my fist down to her face, but before I could do anymore damage, I felt something at the back of my head.

"Get. Up." The male's voice rung throughout my mind.

I growled, getting off of their precious leader.

"Turn around." He ordered.

When I did, his brains were blown out of his head. Thank you Eric. I turned back around only to be kicked in the stomach. I growled, bending down some but not much.

"I can tell that you aren't going to listen."

Behind the mask, I had raised my eyebrow. Ex-Erudite. I stood there with my hands in my pocket, awaiting for a move. She no longer had the gun in her hands for it was on the battle field of clashing people.

"So, let me talk while we fight." She came at me at a rush.

I blocked her punch, pushing her back.

"I want you to join us, why? Because I know your secret."

What.. She came at me, but before she got close enough, she jumped up, kicking my chest back.

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