Rebellion Fight

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"I don't, (Y/N). Don't tell anyone."

"I'm not your puppy. You can't tell me what do to."

Then, I was pinned to the wall.

"Don't. Tell. Him. Kitten."

Cute nickname. I reached up, grabbing his neck. I kicked his foot from under him, then turned us around so I was pinning him.


He growled at my action, "No."

I rolled eyes, pushing myself off of the man.

"Fine." I muttered, walking back over to my mask.

I wrapped it around my head, gently placing it on my face.

"How are the cuts?" Eric asked, walking away from the wall.

"If I'm still breathing, they're fine."

"How. Are. They."

"They're perfectly fine, Master." I said sarcastically.

"Good, Kitten."

Guess that's my new nickname. I walked over to my backpack, picking it up off of the floor. I walked over to the door, but before I could open it, Eric grabbed my wrist. He turned me around, staring back up at him. Quickly, he leaned his head down onto my 'lips'. My eye went wide at the action.

Before I could close my eye, he lifted his mouth from my fake one.

"Lets go." Was all he said before reaching around me to grab the knob of the door.

I backed up some so he could open it. When he did that, I walked out, not waiting for him. Act like nothing happened last night. Still think he doesn't like you. Act like you hate him. Don't look at him. Don't speak to him. Nothing. I repeated that whole list in my head. I walked down the stairs to see the rest already there.

They sat on the chairs or floor, waiting patiently.

"How was your make out session, Princess?" Peter asked sarcastically.

I raised my middle finger to his face when I reached the bottom step.

"Come on. Lets go." Four said, ignoring Peter's comment and my action.

I heard Eric's big feet stomp from upstairs and finally downstairs. He stayed behind me, not moving. When he got there, Four walked out of the living room. He held the door opened, walking onto the porch, then stopped. Immediately, Eric and I caught on.

"Four?" Tris said, going outside.

You idiot. I looked behind me at Eric. He put his index finger to his lips, slowly stepping out. I nodded my head once, walking forward. Factionless. Everyone else followed me outside while Eric went a separate way. Once I was out, the warm and cold air hit against my mask. Chills went across my skin.

I walked out onto the porch while Four stayed in the middle of the steps. I walked over to the railing of the Cabin and leaned against it. There was about 10-15 Rebellion Factionless soldiers standing outside. Every single one of them had on a mask.

"I'm guessing you want Princess Mask?" Peter asked, getting beside Four.

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