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I took a deep breath, preparing for the nightmare that was bound to come now that something good had actually happened to me. I shut my eye, hoping for the best.

* 2 A.M. *

* Eric's P.O.V *

I held her tightly in my arms so that if anyone came, they'd have to go through me. I made sure to rub her head every now and then as she twitched during her dream. God, I wish I was in her head, helping her face her darkest fears. I want to be there for her more than anything. I don't hate her.

I never will. She's my best friend. My lover. Mine. I will never let anything harm her.. Again. I failed once and I failed twice, but this is different. I'm going to make sure it's different now. I took a deep breath, pulling her just a bit closer, even though there wasn't any other space left. I buried my head into her hair, taking in her scent.

She smelt like peaches and vanilla. I see she hasn't changed that. We may not be together, but I'll be damn before I let anyone else, that isn't me, hurt her, again. I wrapped my legs around her tighter at the thought of Leo. I hate to admit it, but after that night, I had nightmares of him.

I felt so weak compared to him. I felt useless, I felt.. weird. I just hate to see what kind of shape (Y/N) was in.. Enough, Eric. Stop getting hooked with the past. Get with the future. Mentally, I slapped my face. I closed my eyes, relaxing my shoulders and back. I took one more deep breath, before falling into another dreamless night.

* Morning *

* (Y/N) P.O.V *

I flattered my eyes open, no tears in the rims and no horribly memory of the night flooding my mind. The warmth that Eric gave off last night, gave off right under me. Wait.. under me? I put my hands flat on the bed and lifted up some to look down at Eric. His face was calmed, no more of the stoic expression.

His jaw was at rest instead of twitching at initiates. His breath was calm and gentle, matching his beating chest.

"Lay back down."

"We should be leaving." I reminded him, trying to get up.

"The rest are still asleep, anyway." He said, pulling me back down.

He rolled me over onto my back, wrapping his left around my chest and his right was used for a pillow.

"So? Eric, do you really want to be stuck here?"

"If it's with you and not those damned initiates, yeah."

"Thought ya couldn't stand me." I smirked with my half, operational lip.

If it wasn't for his eyes being closed, I bet he would've rolled his eyes.

He snorted instead, "I like you more than anyone in this cabin."

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