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How to Write Great Sex
by JettaFrame

No ma'am, this is not a guide on how to have great sex, it's a guide on how to write it. And believe it or not, you don't have to be having it - great sex that is - in order to be writing it.

But it does help.

If, however, someone should happen to be better acquainted with a screen and a keyboard than the fine art of Kama Sutra, there is still hope for said someone. My someone is a friend, just so you know. I'm not writing this from experience or anything.


Before I divulge things that would possibly ruin the general rating of this article - and also destroy my friendship with (sorry gf, I'll behave myself) - let us get back on track.

How to write great sex.

You need to read it.

I am serious. I don't care how many oats someone has sown, shags they've wagoned or anything else - you need to have read great sex in order to write it. The secret to writing great sex is simple.

You need to have read it.

You need to know your audience.

You need to know how to make it relevant.

If you drop this article now in favor of 101 sex positions on amazon (seriously it's a best seller), you are smarter than I am. Seriously. Writing great sex is hard. Anyone can write sex - but only a slightly obsessive, moderately deluded and overly ambitious soul can make it great.

Read great sex if you want to write it.

This is a no-brainer. I am astounded by how many people write in genres that they do not read. This is like building dog kennels without actually liking dogs. Or working as a teacher when you hate children (don't be a Trunchbull, come on, please don't make that kid eat that cake). It doesn't make sense. If you want to know how to write great sex, you need to read work from authors that write great sex.

You need to see what words they write, how they build anticipation, how their characters make the sexual encounter unique to their own story - you need to see all of these things being done and the only way you can do that is if you read.

'But Jetta, I don't know anyone that writes great sex!'

Oh, my dear sweet and wonderfully adorable soul, I'm glad you asked. I mean, I drop names like my characters drop their panties.

On request.

...After several loud snorts of laughter later...

Do yourself a favor and check out the works of these authors deejeans, AnaEasterly, bibicalsinner, and MegHahn.

These authors are all on Wattpad - so yes my recommendation to read their works won't cost you a thing. I mean come on, free knowledge? Sweetheart, I'm practically giving you a bowl of cherries.


deejeans writes short, intense erotica. Her works are a lesson in pace.

AnaEasterly is a master of writing non-mature but fiery encounters (a must if you want to know how much you can write without triggering the 'mature' rating on your book)

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