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So in my advanced art class they give us sketch books, and our first "homework" assignment was to just draw in it and possibly finish the thing we were drawing in class over the weekend.

And I didn't draw in it until today, at 9 o' clock (pm) because I forgot to/was to busy hanging out with my cousins.


Well I got some good drawing in it at least.


The world doesn't let me have a good day be good all day,

So I am now forced to fall asleep to painful "lady time" cramps.

I can't swallow pills,

And we are out of liquid Tylenol/Advil.


Isn't this so awesome!

But at least my whole day up until now was good,

At least most of the day was good,

If most of the day was good; then I'll count it as a good day.

Goodnight, I'm tired

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