Alexis Hayes

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Ever tried to convinced yourself about something when you already knew the answer.

Well that's me, welcome to my crazy journey, where I'm actually happy that my mother didn't named me cactus.

Yeah, I'm well aware of that assignment, my parents are crazy.

"Baby girl, second week of Senior year awaits." Mom yelled.

"I'm here, can't wait to graduate."

"Well, you have a year for that, good luck." Dad chuckled.

"Not helping." I sighed.

"I wasn't trying to." He grinned.

"Later parents." I hugged them then I left.

"Hi people, I'm hungry." My daughter said to them. Shocker right.

Meet, Aria. She's four years old.

I was young and I got invited to this party, I thought it was gonna be a small reunion

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I was young and I got invited to this party, I thought it was gonna be a small reunion. I wasn't popular or anything, so I figured a reunion would help. Boy was I wrong.

This guy gave me a drink and after that I was out. I woke up with pain from down there, Fernando and Ciara found me. And that same day I gained two amazing best friends.

"Well, how about a sandwich." Mom said to her, she squealed.

My parents love her, they gave me options for her, but once she was born and grabbed my finger, I couldn't let her go.

As for the sperm donor, yeah he died next day. They found him with an overdose. Karma, but he gave me something good and that's my baby girl.


I made my way to school, then went to my locker. I was met by my best friends, Fernando and Ciara. Who happen to be dating.

"I missed you so much." She hugged me.

"You saw me yesterday." I chuckled.

"I know, now let me have my moment." She said making us chuckle.

"Hey, Alexis." I turned to see Chad.

"Hey, Chad."

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me?"

"How about another time." I said trying to decline nicely.

"This is like the third time, what gives?" He asked with crossed arms.

"I'm just focusing on my studies, and guys will just distract me."

"If you change your mind, call me." He winked before leaving. Yuck.

"Why can't guys take a hint, I'm not interested in anyone."

"Don't worry, the perfect person will come for you." Fernando said to me.

"Maybe, for now I'm fine. Let's go." I said before leaving.

"let's go, before she kills us." Ciara said making him chuckle."

After class I was called by the teacher, great.


"You're failing Biology, I'm going to give you a tutor." He said.

"Yeah I know, I suck at this." He just chuckled.

"Trust me, she will be a great help." He said while writing the address on a paper.

"Here, I will let her know you're going tomorrow after class.

"How old is she?"

"Your age, but all her classes are advanced."

"Ahh, well I will go to her place tomorrow, thanks." I said before leaving.

I hope it's not one of those girls who get angry or are impatient. Phooey.

After school i went home, I couldn't wait to see my baby girl.

"I'm home." I said as Aria made her way to me and hugged my leg.

"I missed you mommy."

"I missed you more." I said while picking her up then hugged her.

I went to sit with her on the couch, "So what did you do today?" I asked.

"Nana and I baked cookies and I saved you a lot."

"Aww, thank you." I said while kissing her cheeks, she just giggled.

"Hey, princess." Dad said while giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"Hey dad."

"Grandpa, guess what, guess what?" She said as she went over to him and sat on his lap.

"What, what?"

"I love you this big." She said while extending her little arms. Dad just chuckled.

"And I love you this big." He extended his arms.

"You love me a lot, cause your arms are bigger." She said while pinching his cheeks.

It warms my heart how much my parents love, Aria.

Dad hugged her, since Aria has no father figure, Dad assumed that role.

"Hello, that was a power nap." Mom said while sitting next to dad.

"I wish I could take naps, can senior year end fast." I sighed.

"Senior year, I don't miss it." Mom said while grabbing Aria.

"I have to go to a tutor house cause I'm bad at biology."

"Is the tutor a guy? Cause if so get a pepper spray."

"Dad relax, it's actually a girl."

"Ah well, then get tutor away." He said making us chuckle.

"Grandpa you're nuts."

"You have no idea." Mom said to her.

We watched a movie, then ate dinner.

I gave Aria a bath changed her clothes then dad sang to her, works magic.

I said goodnight to my parents then Went to sleep, I was tired.

I was so not looking forward getting tutored.

To be continued..

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