Learning To Love Him 3

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I didn't bother looking up. I knew what was above me, it was a tradition. We usually got a witch to do that and then release confetti, sweets or something from it for everyone and usually I loved it. Usually. It was the only thing I loved about any gathering in the ballroom. I wasn't interested this time, though. All I could think about was him.

What had I done wrong?

Was I the only one feeling the mate pull?

Was this one-sided?

Why would he hate me so much?

I frowned dropping my eyes to my crossed legs and the blank page my writing pad was opened on. I swallowed. Maybe he knew. Maybe he could feel it. Maybe he knew there was something wrong with me. He probably did, mate's knew that kind of stuff. He must have known... and it probably disgusted him.

"Hey, Jay, aren't you going to get up and have some fun?" Kaden's voice had me looking up.


"Jayden, you do this every year. Get off your ass and learn to have a good time!" Our friend, Bentley, said frowning. They were my best friends and three of my only friends, including Layla, but she was visiting her aunt in Africa for the holidays. You can't count Tyler and Alexis because they're friends with everyone.

He was right, another 'usual' thing at our pack gatherings or parties was my being antisocial and sitting in the furtherest corner away from everyone I could find. Parties weren't really my thing.

"Or... We could bring the party to him?" I looked up and chuckled at Izabella's suggestion.

"No, thank you. I'm awesome right where I -" I was saying, "Kade! No!" I shouted when he grabbed my phone and ran through the crowd.

"Ooo, he's probably going to go plug that in and put you on blast." Bentley just HAD to make the situation worse.

"Great idea, Ben." I heard Kaden somewhere in the crowd.

"No, no, no! Fine, I'll join the stupid party." I said defeated, anything to make him give back my phone. All of my recordings were on there and I did NOT want almost the entire pack hearing it.

"Why not? You have an amazing voice." Hayley said. I looked at her.

"How do you - Kade." I was going to kill him! Who else had he made listen to my stuff?!

I sighed defeated as I got up and caught my phone swiftly when it was thrown at me. I glared at Kaden and he smirked. Asshole.

As Izabella and Hayley forced me to dance, I realised there was another reason I didn't want to attend this particular party when my eyes fell on Corey and Samantha making out. It made me cringe and my wolf whimpered at the sight.

I turned away hoping I could ignore them (yeah, right). Luckily I was too far and the music was a little too loud for me to hear them. I really didn't want to be there. My room and guitar were screaming at me to join them but I was going to be stuck down here for the next week.

"I think Corey has a girlfriend." I heard Alexis, I was quite sure the only people that knew I was mated to Corey were Izabella and Hayley. "And it's Sam, let's go meet her." She said.

"Yeah, let's go -" before I could object Izabella grabbed my wrist.

"Uh - I have things to do -" I tried to say.

"Hey, Corey." I froze as he looked by Samantha and smiled at Izabella.

"Izzy!" He looked so happy to see her, it was weird seeing an emotion in his eyes that didn't say 'I hate you and I hope you die.'

"Hay," he pulled her to his side. "Uh, this is Sam," he motioned to Samantha, completely ignoring my presence.

"Hey, oh, Jayden! You're out of your room!" I almost rolled my eyes at what Samantha said but instead, I just nodded and looked around avoiding Corey's burning eyes.

"Hey, Sam, can you show me to the bathroom?" Hayley smiled.

"Sure," Samantha was a really nice person.

"You know, I wanna go too, be right back," I froze as Izabella grabbed Hayley and Samantha's arms and pulled them off.

We were silent, I almost couldn't hear the music because of my heart beating so loudly. It could have been beating that way for two reasons: I was so nervous, my palms were sweating or the fact that my mate was just a few inches away from me.

"Don't expect anything." My eyes widened and I looked to see who he had spoken to. Me? He was speaking to me.

"What?" I asked.

"Don't get your hopes up just because you've convinced those two to try to get me to accept you." He snorted, "Don't mess with my friends. I'll f*cking kill you." He said.

He probably could kill me. I wasn't very built and while he obviously worked out daily, I was a little skinny and he was taller than I was, not to mention that I wasn't the strongest wolf on the planet.

"I didn't convince them to do anything -" I was saying.

"Shut up." He cut me off, "Stay the f*ck away from me or I swear to God I'll rip your throat apart, Faggot." He spat before walking away from me.


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