the escape

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We had a plan to escape

The girls had gotten ready and went on there dates. There were ready to get back to the real world with there family and friends.

They were in their dates and asked to use the restrooms and then they only had five minutes
They were ready but scared so they snuck out the restroom and ran

10 minutes later)

Jack: the girl have been in their long enough
Daniel: I will go check. They are gone
Zach: they can't be that far I hope
Jonah: they better hope we don't find them
Jack: yeah or they are being punished

The girls pov)

Leah: We had gotten out and their was a car and it was my friend Logan Paul and i was so happy

Timeskip 2 months) boys part )

Zach: We missed the girls like a lot and we needed them but we can't find them
Daniel: today we were going to record for our song I'm To Deep and we were going to let Logan film it and we all missed the girls but I missed Lea So much I missed her body I missed her smile her looks her every thing I needed her
Jack: I wanted he with all my baldy I needed her why did she leave me
Jonah: why why was I so stupid I needed her she was my one true love
Corbyn: I know she was my love bc we clicked she told me she liked me and now she is gone

At Logan's house)
Lea:its been 2 months and I am happy and So are the girls "hey girls I happy we are out it's been 2 months"
All the girls: yasssss 2 months safe
Then the door rang and I looked through the peep hole and I won't be live who I had seen matter affect the 5 boys I seen

Cliffhanger tell me if I like the longer ones or not and give me so suggestions should it be dirty or pg13

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