New Girl Part 3

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"9" everyone repeated.

"Well...Yeah, eheheh. I'm late to almost everything, including but not limited to getting my quirk- It's easier to start from the beginning. My mother's quirk is that she turns into a mermaid; when coming into contact with water and my father was but a humble fisherman; living just inland of the Gold Coast. At least that's what so told me. Anyways, my mother and Aizawa-sensei went to UA together and became friends due to the fact that she needed his help a lot. They kept in contact after they're graduation and my mum would invite him to every party, celebration and performance she was planning on attending. He was working at the time of every one of them, except my schools talent show when I was 9. Which was lucky because not a second after I started to sing, my quirk activated for the first time. Which as you can imagine left the hall in chaos. Due to the fact that a part of my mother's quirk is Siren and Aizawa-sensei were the only people unaffected by it. They where able return things to there rightful place and I was able to finish my song. But My mother died soon after that." Angelica explained.       

"Since then I've been getting help from a lot of people to help me communicate more effectively. But writing is still my go to, since it was effective even before I got my quirk. When I was upset or angry. Anyway that's enough from me, Aizawa-sensei?"

"Couldn't have explained it better myself." Aizawa-sensei said praising his student while disactivating his quirk. "Any questions?" He queried.

Mineta raised his hand.

"Any appropriate questions?" He said glaring at Mineta.

Mineta put his hand down.

Midoriya, Uraraka, Momo and Mina raised their hands.

"Mina." He said signalling her to ask her question.

"What school did she come from?" Mina asked as bubbly as ever.

"A newly established hero academy in the pasific." Aizawa-sensei.

Angelica seemed to scribble on a page of her notebook, before ripping it out, transforming it into a paper plane and shooting it at her.

The paper glided towards Mina landing right in front of her perfectly.

Mina unairplaned the paper and read it to herself. It read: 

I'll could go into more detail with you over lunch if you would like.

"Sure!" She said excitedly.

*After some more questions.*

"Okay, I think we can fit one more question." Aizawa-sensei informed his class.

"From... Hagekure"

"Who have you been staying with since.. you know…?"

Aizawa activated his quirk once again, as to allow for Angelica to speak.

"I've been under Aizawa-sensei's care for quite a while now. He actually adopted me soon after the incident that put my mother under ground."

"AIZAWA YOU HAVE A KID!!!" Almost everyone in the room shouted.

"Why didn't you tell us about this???" Kirishima exclaimed.

"Yeah, what gives?" Uraraka agreed.

"FIRST OF ALL, adoptive. Second, I have no obligation to tell you about my personal life. And third..... you didn't ask."

*Bell Rings*

"Class dismissed."

Everyone started leaving the room pretty excited for lunch period.

"Angelica talk to me for a minute."


"I didn't get the chance to give you these this morning, but here." Aizawa said handing Angelica quite a heavy bag. Nothing she could handle though.

"I know you have a lot of books to talk to people with, but I thought a few more couldn't hurt. Hand a few out to some people see where you go from there."

Angelica nodded before turning around to leave.

"Angelica, one more thing." Aizawa said causing he's adoptive daughter to turn on her heels once more. "A few of your mum's things are in there to."
Angelica's eyes widened at the thought.

Her mother's things. Things she hasn't talked of, let alone seen for years.

Her eyes begin to water and she was soon racing towards her guardian at the speed of light (or at least as close to it as she could get). She wrapped her arms around his frame almost sqeazing him to death in her grip, but soon loosing it at the realisation. Tears continued to flow from her eyes untill her hug was returned.

Aizawa reactivated his quick for what he felt was at least the hundredth time this week. But is was fine by him as long as Angelica was healthy and happy. After all he promised not only the court he would take good care of her, but her mother too.

"Thank you," Angelica whispered a voice crack ever so prominent in her words. "Thank you so much."

"It's my job." He replied. (Disactivating is quirk)

They stayed like that for a minute untill Aizawa pulled away ever so slowing. He whipped the tears of her cheeks in a fashion that reminded her of her mother.

"Go get 'em"

Angelica nodded in the most determined manner Aizawa had ever seen. A smile plagued his face as he watched is daughter walked out the door.


Hi Guys Imma start writing the next part of this story now, 'cause why not ya know? I was gonna finish this chapter in the lunch room, but as you see there are a lot of words already. So~ I'll probably finish the next part in the lunch room.

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