A supernatural meeting

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Kouh Academy

Old school building

In the middle of a large room on a wide sofa, a mysterious boy sits. In front of him sat a red-haired beauty.This is Rias Gremory, devil of pure blood and successor to the throne of Gremory.

Akeno: Here you are...

[F/N]: Thank you.

A black-haired girl named Akeno, gave the boy a cup of tea.The boy took a sip of tea...

[F/N]: It's delicious!

Akeno: Thank you...

She responded and blushe.

Rias: Before you start flirting, we have to clear up some matters

[F/N]: Of course. So who will be asking first?

Rias: Maybe I'll start.

[F/N]: I'm listening...

Rias: Who you are? What are you doing here? And what are the skills that we have seen?

[F/N]: My name is [F/N]. I am looking for a safe place, away from the regime of D.U.P, and as I mentioned, i am a conduit aka "bioterrorist".

Rias: Bioterrorist?

She asked in astonishment, her companions also lifted the eyebrow from surprise.

[F/N]: Yea, bioterrorist. Have not you heard about "us"?

Redhead just nodded, signaling "no".

[F/N]: So, in a nutshell ...We are people with powers that can control the world around us. Some have quite unusual powers. From fire or ice to glass and paper.However, each of us can master this power and use it in any way you dream.

The boy took a sip of tea.

Rias: In which case, why are you running away?

[F/N]: Well, when some of us realized that they have superhuman power that does not restrict them in any way, they decided to use it in a rather not very good way ... You know, robberies, murders ...So the army and the government decided to do something about it.The hunts and raids on conduit, from now on called bioterrorists, have begun.However, the struggles between the army and the conduit gathered a bloody harvest among civilians.A special group called the Department of Unified Protection was established, whose task was to catch everyone who had the gene of the conduit.Some tried to fight, but were liquidated by D.U.P or locked in prison for such people.

Rias: So that's why you're here, you'd be in jail if you stayed ther.

[F/N]: Exactly, even with my "special" power, I can not cope with them.

Akeno: Special power?You mean the power you used to fight that monster?

[F/N]: Not completely...What you have seen is the power of SMOKE, but the specialty of this power lies in the fact that it is not really my power.

All: Huh?

They all asked with astonishment.

[F/N]: Yes, this is not my power, my power is to absorb the power of other conduits.
Most likely, I am the only such conduit. As the only one I can control a lot of power at once. Anyway, because of the stupidity of these idiots, I have to run away and hide from the eyes of D.U.P.

Then a small white-haired girl appeared from the row and asked ...

Koneko: If this power is so bad and dangerous, why do you use it?

[F/N]: You see ... It's not the power itself that is evil, but the people who use it for evil purposes.
Even good things can be used in a nefarious way. It is enough to learn how to control both power and own desires so as not to use it in a way that hurts others.Then it should not be a problem. It seems to me that I have not used my power in some bad way.Until then, I used it only for self-defense.

The girl nodded and moved back to the line.

There was a momentary awkward silence ...

Rias: You seem really interesting person ...

[F/N]: Thank you...

The boy replied bowing slightly.

[F/N]: But maybe now you could tell me who you are?

Red-haired girl smiled slightly, stood up and stood next to her companions. Then black bats grew from their backs.

Rias: My name is Rias Gremory, I am the successor of the Gremory family and pure blood devil, and these are my servants.You have entered my territory, but I have an offer for you that can change your life.

[F/N]: Yes?

Rias: I will let you stay here and I will make sure you do not have to worry about people chasing you.And in return you will help us from time to time and maybe someday you will receive an appropriate reward for it.

[F/N]: Will I be your servant or rather a mercenary?

Rias: More mercenary, but who knows... maybe someday...

She smiled and winkeded one eye at the boy.

[F/N]: A pact with the devil is not a very interesting option ...

Rias: No no, it's not a pact, it's more a deal between us, what do you say?

The boy thought for a moment and finally said ...

[F/N]: Okay, we've got a deal.

All members of the Rias group smiled and stepped out of the row towards the new companion.

Rias: Maybe now I'll introduce you to the rest of my family:She is Koneko Toujou

The girl who asked you the question earlier bowed and greeted you.

Rias: This boy is Yuuto Kiba.

The boy with blond hair bowed and offered his hand in greeting.

Rias: And the girl you saved during the fight is Akeno Himejima.

Black-haired girl came up to give you a hand when ...

[F/N]: What the hell ...!

Akeno: What...!

The whole room shimmered with a bright blue light and a loud rumble sounded ...

When everything was quiet, both [F/N] and Akeno lay in the middle of the room.

Both of them were unconscious, and on the body [F / N] there were small blue electric discharges...

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