Love and Lust ch.2

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I shivered once more and gasped when I saw the familiar figure who stood before me.

"Briana. Is that you?" Elena asked rushing forward and pulling me into a hug. "Are you okay? What are you wearing? Who did this?" She asked looking me over. I didn't know what to say, but I must have looked cold cause she brought me inside.

She brought me into the kitchen with her arm around my shoulder. I walked down the hallway looking at the familiar pictures and the people I had missed. When we reached the kitchen I could hear voices. They sounded familiar. We went into the kitchen and the voices stopped. They looked up at us and looked at me. I saw the dark haired one run his eyes over me and I narrowed my eyes, though he probably hadn't noticed. Then the lighter haired one looked more concerned. Their names came to mind and I remembered, Kathrine had told me they were Damon and Stefan. I looked at myself and shivered again.

"I'll get you a blanket." Elena said and left. I was going to protest, but she left me there. I looked at the guys silently and they were looking back.

"Who are you?" Damon asked and it seemed as though that was what Stefan was going to say. Elena came back before I could answer.

"She's my sister Damon. Leave her alone. She's a year younger." Elena explained as I wrapped myself in the warmth of the soft blanket. It was short so I wrapped it around myself like a towel. I stood there as Elena helped explain things. When I was warmer I started talking. Elena wanted to know things about when I had left. I answered and everyone listened intently.

"So who are you with now?" Elena asked.

"Sam and Dean." I answered. "I think you've met them before. For a breif couple minutes of course."

"Ya, sort of. Wait, are they the hunters?" She asked. I was silent for a moment as I looked at the three of them.

"Yes." I answered. Stefan seemed suspicious, but didn't speak up. Damon narrowed his eyes. "I don't need to know about you since I've been gone, I already know." I said as politely as I could.

"What do you mean, you already know?" She asked.

"Kathrine told me, she was the one who left me here like this. She told me I couldn't go back to Sam and Dean until we saw each other. She told me, showed me, everything." I explained. When I had started both men tensed and Elena's eyes widened. "She had also told me her past. I wanted to stay away, but I left the motel unarmed."

"It's ok. Now you know, I guess." Elena said.

"It didn't hurt, I just want to see that their ok, if anything were to happen to them..." I said.

"I'll get you some clothes and drive you over there." Elena said.

"I'll come." Stefan said.

"Me too." Damon said with his arms still crossed. I looked at Elena, worried. Dean and Sam would spot the two vampires and try to hurt them.

"You guys should stay here." Elena said to them.

"Were coming Elena." Damon said sternly. I gave up then, I didn't want to have to fight vampires. I got ready with Elena upstairs and then I went back down in a white baggy short sleeved blouse with necklaces and jean shorts. I had on an old black pair of flip flops since I had been barefoot.

I was still worried as I got into the back of the car behind Damon and Elena. Damon had taken right to the passenger seat, even as Elena groaned. I looked over at Stefan as we drove, he gave me a look like he knew how they would react. I knew he was coming anyway. Probably to protect Elena.






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