Chapter 3

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Dimitri P.O.V.

I sat there staring at my Roza. Watching here steadily breath, her chest rise and fall with each breath.

All I could do was sit there. I couldn't help her. We don't even know what caused this. I wish I could help. I wish I could do something, anything. Anything to help my Roza.

I sat there drowning out Alberta and Adrian talking. I didn't want to listen to them. I was to wrapped in my own world when a loud screeching noise was heard.

For the first time that night, I was fighting the urge to let go of Rose's hand to cover my ears. I didn't, I couldn't let the go of my soul mates hand. The noise got louder and louder. I tried to drown it out but couldn't.

Somebody was shaking me on my shoulder but I didn't pay attention. I faintly heard voices yelling. I started seeing black and I held on to Roza's hand tighter. I felt myself shaking, I felt weak. I looked one last time at Roza before I was plunged into darkness.

Alberta P.O.V.

I was shaking Belikov in his chair and yelling for the nurses to come in. When the nurses came in I told them everything about what happened. I had to stop mid-sentence when I heard a very loud thump. We turned around and saw Dimitri on the floor. his hand still intertwined with Rose's.

I raced to him and sat him up against the hospital bed. I tried to break their hands apart but when I touched them they were both hot. Very hot, like burning hot. I tried doing them again but I couldn't.

Why was this happening? Why were their hands burning? Why couldn't I pull them apart?

All these questions kept going through my head but stopped when I saw they were reaching for their hands.

"Stop", I yelled, "Don't touch their hands".

They didn't listen and touched and screamed out in pain. I just shook my head looking at their burnt hand. My hand probably looks like that but I am so glad I have a high tolerance pain.

"I told you not to. now you had to find out the hard way why".

The person with the now burnt hand walked out of the room to take care of it. I looked at the other nurses and spoke.

"So what do we do now? We can't pull them apart, literally. He needs to be checked out too".

They looked at each other in confusion and shrugged except one. That one spoke up.

"We need to get them out of here and into a larger room. We have to move them together".

I nodded my head, "okay we need to scoot over Rose and set Belikov on the bed with her. Then wheel the bed out to a different room. We are going to need guardians to help. You all and me are not going to be able to lift them".

He nodded his head and I took out my phone and called Emil, Yuri, and Celeste. They said they were on the way.

"We have three more guardians coming. That should be enough to lift them two".

"How can four Guardians do it but 6 of us and you can't?", spoke one of them.

I sighed and spoke bluntly, "You are not as strong as a Dhampir. Moroi would need a pack of eight or more to lift one of us. Especially if they are the size of Belikov here", I pointed to Dimitri.

"We can", spoke another one, "we can even do it without your help", she huffed.

I shook my head and stuffed down the urge to chuckle, "then be my guest", I moved out of the way of Belikov and Rose.

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