Chapter 1. Part 1.

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"We are alive...And now,

All I could hear was screams and cheers, of joy, from the androids.
From my people.


We are people.

We are just as human as they are...

"Connor? You there?"


"What.. oh shit... sorry..."

"It's okay you just... zoned out... I've been tryna' get your attention for the last 5-10 minutes."

"I already told you. If I do that poke me in the eye, that'll get my attention."

"I'm not gonna poke you in the eye just 'cause I want your attention!"

"Hank I already told you-!"

"The fuck are you two arguing about now?!"


He was a prick sometimes, but he just wanted to make sure we were okay most the time.

"We don't mean it..." I mumbled. Trying not to sound small but only because Hank said not to, I'm not sure why though. He said I was too innocent to understand why...

There it was.

That smile. Why does he keep looking at me like that?

"Hank... why do you keep giving me that look?" I questioned, my confusion being genuine.

"You're so adorable..." He mumbled. So much so I couldn't hear him.

"Pardon?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I didn't hear you?"

"You're an android, how the fuck didn't you hear me?"

"I'm sorry, you'll have to ask Kamski that one." I replied, not able to find an answer to his question or an error in my audio reciever component.

"Fair enough..." He said, shifting his focus back to his work. I, however, hadn't finished.

"What was it you said before?" I queried, still wanting to know what it was that he said.

"I'm sorry I can't say, wouldn't want to ware out the truth." He answered. With that grin. That sly grin. It made my stomach, ache in a way. In a way I couldn't quite define...

By this time I had realised Gavin had left, probably ages ago. "Welp, looks like Gavin got bored..". I spoke, with a slight giggle.

"Yeah, in all fairness, he probably went to go make out with Conan."(RK900) I laughed at that.

Hank looked at me. "Why are you so fucking cute?" I smirked.

"Well, ya see, when your Connor You're just naturally cute as fuck,ya know?" I said, hearing him giggle.

"Yeah, I think I do."

"Lieutenant, I need... talk to you.."

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