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{Thrad era, 1985}

You were a university student living in England, and to make some extra money during the holidays you had a job at a local nursery. Michael was visiting London for an awards show at around the same time. You were a big fan of Michael, but it seemed that the two of you were destined to meet...

You hurried into the main building of the nursery in which you worked, running a little late for your shift. It was 8am on a Monday morning and the thought of five 10 hour shifts ahead of you that week just made you want to crawl back into bed. But here you were, ready for another day. You loved your job; working with children was your passion, but the schedules that the nursery went by often made the days monotonous. It also didn't help that you were only a part time unqualified assistant, so you were often given the jobs that your more senior colleagues refused to do. It was back-breaking at times, but you had a great bond with the children and loved seeing them everyday.

"Y/N!" your colleague and friend Tanya greeted you with a wide smile. She was the same age as you and you got on with her much better than some of the older women there.

"Hey Tanya" you replied tiredly, running a hand through your hair and flashing her a small smile as you clocked in.

"Not a long enough weekend, huh?" she teased, the both of you laughing as you rolled your eyes playfully.

"Alright, alright, little Miss four-hour-shifts" you stuck your tongue out and she feigned shock, but you both laughed once more as you made your way to the staff room. Once inside your dumped your belongings and straightened out your clothes- a simple tshirt with the nursery's logo on the sleeve, loose fitting black trousers and black sneakers. It certainly wasn't the most flattering outfit, but you had never been one to enjoy form-fitting clothes, so you really didn't mind.

"Have you heard the gossip?" Tanya spoke as she opened her locker, turning to you with a knowing smile as you checked that your french plait was neat. You cocked an eyebrow at her and shook your head, a little confused.

"Well, did you see on the news that Michael Jackson is in the UK right now?" she asked, letting out a little squeal as you widened your eyes a little. She knew that you were a fan of Michael's, as was she, but she didn't know that you were an undercover dye-hard fan. You had all his records to date, but didn't outwardly make a big commotion about your love for him. Everyone in the world adored him, and by keeping your love for him to yourself, you felt that your connection to his music was all the more special. It felt as though it was just for you.

"I kinda forget to watch the news" you giggled, responding to Tanya's earlier question. She shook her head teasingly but laughed along with you.

"Well" she began, and you could already tell that she was about to unveil something huge.

"Rumour has it that he's gonna visit the nursery before he flies back to the states!" she clapped her hands together and jumped up and down, while you, on the other hand, stood there with your hand on your hip and raised your eyebrow.

"Why on earth would the Michael Jackson come here? We're miles from London- heck, we're miles from anywhere!" you said in disbelief, laughing it off.

"Y/N it could be true! I swear! I heard Judy talking on the phone on Friday evening-" Tanya began before you cut her off with a stern look, knowing her mischievous tendencies. Despite that, you found yourself growing hopeful.

"She was talking to someone named Frank, telling him where to park 'Mr Jackson's limousine'!" Tanya said excitedly, with wide eyes as she shook your shoulders. You knew Tasha well enough to know that she was a little naive, but on this instance you found yourself siding with her. You knew that Michael's manager went by the name Frank Dileo, and if her quotation of the phone call was correct, it was too much of a coincidence to be fake. Besides, Judy was the manager of the nursery, and she was definitely not one to joke around!

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