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Jungkook: I-I'll cook food.

He got up then left, not giving you a chance to talk. You just sat there, the rain is not as hard as before, so now you can lay there peacefully. Then your mind drifted.

The rain is pouring hard, but you're outside with your mother, looking at your father being pulled inside an ambulance. You are crying so hard inside the ambulance, shouting "Appa!" and shaking him, thinking he would wake up. But he won't budge.

After some time waiting in the hospital, a doctor went to your mother that made your heart shatter into pieces and cry more.

Then a young boy went to you, and handed you his handkerchief. You looked at him with tears in your eyes, since you didn't accept it, he then brought the handkerchief to your cheeks and removed the stains of the tears. He brightlyat you when he finished, and then he opened your hand to give you his handkerchief.

The handkerchief that boy gave to you, is still with you until now. The boy's bunny smile and his coconut hair is the only thing that you can't forget about it.

Your trance was interrupted when Jungkook waved his hand in front of your eyes, you smiled then looked around, a tray of food is placed on your table.

You noticed a bed table is in front of you, then Jungkook placed the foods in front of you.

Jungkook: Eat it all, you need energy.

Then he left, you silently ate. When you're finished, Jungkook entered your room just in time, carrying a medicine. 'Is this really Jungkook?' You thought. He placed the medicine in front of you and the water. You picked up the tablet and propped it in your mouth, then drank the water.

You slowly looked up at him with puppy eyes,

You: Sleep with me...

Jungkook's eyes widened, dirty thoughts coming in his mind.

You: Please?

'She's just an innocent girl, she didn't mean it that way, no. No. She meant like sleep, not that kind of sleep, no.' Jungkook thought, he nodded his head then picked up the tray to put it in the sink.

You laid on the bed, waiting for Jungkook. When he arrived, you opened your arms, looking like a kid with a big smile on your lips. He smiled sweetly at you then slipped in the bed.

You brought your body towards him and hugged his body, you liked the warmth, his warmth. You closed your eyes, slowly drifting to sleep.




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