Kara and... Jake? Ryder?- Unfortunate Event #2 to A School Dream

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A/N: Kara and Sam are both in their junior year. Sam already had Ruby and got kicked out by Patricia. She lives with Kara and Eliza for the moment before she can go out and get her own place. 

Lena just took ownership of the old Luthor house. She signed the papers and everything. She thought it only felt right if she went back.

A couple of days later, she was in front of her old house that withheld so many memories of when she was younger. Most of them with Kara.

She hesitates for a moment before opening the door. For all she knew, her mother could've booby-trapped the house while she was gone. Or Lex, for that matter.

Occasionally, Kara went to the old Luthor house to get closure, but today was not one of the days where she went to the old Luthor house to get that closure.

Lena's heels clicked against the cold, tile floors. Memories came flooding back to her.

Her and Kara laughing and being affectionate while making dinner multiple times.
Her and Kara singing and dancing together.
Her singing and Kara hugging her from behind.
Kissing Kara on top of the counter.

She shook her head and moved onto the living room.

She remembered Kara sneaking up on her from behind when she was working on her valedictorian speech.
Kara sleeping over for the first time.
Endless nights of cuddles, potstickers, pizza, and movies.
Kara, her special girl, staying when she broke down after her mother came and visited unexpectedly.

Lena pursed her lips and moved upstairs to her room. Everything was still intact. Everything was still here. Memories kept coming back. Though, it did seem like a couple things were missing...

She went to her closet and found only a few blouses and dresses still hanging up. Weren't there multiple outfits in here that I left behind? She thought to herself. And a couple other small things?

Then she remembered.

Kara still had a key to the house.

She shook her head and softly smiled. She did love my clothes, as well as we were both the same size. It was a win-win for both of us.

Lena didn't want to spend any more time in here, just in case Kara came back. Instead, she probably was about to do one of the stupidest things ever. She walked out of the room and out of the house, up the street.


Kara walks into the auditorium on the stage where the piano was. She just had to get it out of her. She sighed. So many thoughts...

Lena walked into the school, which received multiple glances and whispers.

"Is that Lena Luthor?"

"Heard she's just like her brother. Crazy."

"Didn't she go here?"

"Yeah, valedictorian."

"Skipped ahead three grades from freshman to senior."

"I heard she was a suck up to the teachers."

"Insanely smart."

She closed her eyes tight shut. So many feelings she was feeling and bottled up inside...

Lena ignored the comments with an eye roll and texted her friend.

Lena: Where are you?

Sam: School. Where else would I be?

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