Chapter 01: First Transmissions

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E5R LOG 00








E5R LOG 01

Alexandra Boldt here, Communications Specialist for OKULOUS-10, waking from zombie sleep. Groggy. Other crew members awake before me. Muscular atrophy. Hope it goes away soon. A few hours to walk to communications. Protocol 010: Communications.

E5R LOG 02

Ship Status reporting, all systems functional. Except we can't receive signals from Earth. Text broadcast only. Hopefully COMMAND is receiving this. We will broadcast daily. Update on crew tomorrow. Muscular atrophy still impeding most actions.

E5R LOG 03

More issues with ship systems. Temperature control, unable to maintain constant temperature within the ship. Too cold. All crew using blankets to keep warm. Probably due to continuing support for zombie sleep systems. Not all crew members awake yet.

E5R LOG 04

Engine systems good, however unable to confirm our ship's location. Working on solution. Coordinates database still refreshing. Zombie sleep should be down by now, but it isn't. This worries me. Three crew still not awake. All other crew awake and healthy.

E5R LOG 05

Need Anders to wake from zombie sleep to fix temperature control systems. In such cold, can't reduce muscular atrophy. Anders would know how to fix. Others and myself looked through heating, but appears too complicated. Average ship temp 54 degF.

E5R LOG 06

Coordinates database still refreshing. Should have refreshed by now. Can't access any historical logs. Allison Mishings woke from sleep today. Two remaining, including Anders. Vitals appear normal, still concerned. They should be awake by now.

E5R LOG 07

Heating systems connected to zombie sleep capsules. Unless Anders and Foley wake, ship stays cold. Anders' vitals falling. Worried about him. Foley's okay. Average ship temperature continues to drop, roughly half of a degree every 22 hours, now 51 degF.

E5R LOG 08  

Foley's and Anders' vitals declining. Crew doctor Dirk Schmidt says wait until tomorrow. If vitals still falling we manually wake. Alarms in piloting controls, need Foley or Anders to diagnose. Crew not sleeping. Too cold, increasing risk of disease.     

E5R LOG 09   

Foley's and Anders' vitals now critical. Starting manual wake cycle now. Schmidt believes they will die if not taking out of zombie sleep. Crew standing by to support. Can't lose both and only engineers. Avg temp: 49 degF. Protocol 210: Manual Wake.     

E5R LOG 10    

Foley out of zombie sleep and stable, but unconscious. Process took 8 hours. Preparing to cycle Anders out of zombie sleep. Schmidt training Allison Mishings as his medical assistant. Crew sleep deprived. Concerned about healt. Protocol 210: Manual Wake.     

E5R LOG 11     

Anders dead. Died before Wake Protocol. Not sure what to do. Hard to deal with these emotions in a ship with no resources in the middle of space. So many questions. How do we deal with a dead body in space? Airlock doesn't feel right. Want a better way.     

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