Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Trial day. A nice relaxing Tuesday afternoon was perfect for this trial. I was alone. I had the spacious apartment all to myself. Harry was nowhere to be seen all of yesterday and all of today and I did everything to get his safety from my mind. I washed, I mopped, and I cleaned so much of the apartment that all you could possibly smell was disinfectant. Anyone who walked into the room could get high off all the product I used.

After trying to vent out the smell, I finish setting up all the makeup and equipment needed before waiting for my model to come by. I look into the mirror checking my makeup before I hear the front door heavily open, loudly click shut and I hear heavy footsteps walk the apartment's floors. It seemed too heavy for a lady so it could only be Harry.

I walk out of my room to see Harry throwing a duffle bag onto the lounge with his nose scrunched up. When he notices me he stays quiet and continues to put his keys away and take off his expensive looking shoes. 'What's the smell, Anna?' he speaks not making eye contact as he tears off his jacket and throws it on top of the duffle bag.

'I cleaned is all.' I wrap my arms into one another over my chest watching him. He seemed more obliged to talk today like he went away to get rid of his anger or pain then came back a happier man, but I could still see the sting in his eyes when he sees me. 'I've tried to ventilate the smell.' I chuckle slightly hoping to lift the mood.

When he walks in, I get the gut dropping sensation. The one where it changes all your feelings to discomfort, distress and disillusion. The one where I wished it all went away and left me alone. 'Why'd you clean? The place was fine, was it not?' he hummed at me.

'Needed to get my mind off things.' I watch him as he looks at me with curiosity wetting at his eyes. He seemed different in a weird way and I couldn't pick it.

'That's why I left too.' He admits walking slightly before stopping before me, swinging his keys around his finger, catching them in his hand, then swings them again and he does that repeatedly. I shift my feet to be more comfortable as his eyes stare me down, like a lion ready for the kill.

'Where'd you end up going?'

'You wouldn't have liked where I had gone. So, it's my little secret.'

'Is that so?' I raise my brows smiling slightly as I shift my weight to my left leg. I watched him smirk lightly as he leans his shoulder blades onto the white wall behind him. He looked really good, in those Japanese designed flared pants and the plain black button up shirt. I've never taken notice of this fashion choices but he seemed like an icon.

'Truly.' He holds his smirk. Still swings his keys. Although it been a slow few days of silence and pain, this was the most real I've ever felt being around Harry. He spoke back, he stood still for it and he didn't shift those intimating eyes at all.

I slowly nod biting the inside of my cheek knowing I wouldn't get any answers from him. A lot of places start to pop into my mind as I start to question where he has been too the last night. I didn't really care for the most part, I cared more for his safety and to see him stand in front of me, staring into me, he seemed to be taken care of and that's what kept my mind at ease. But I was always a sticky beak, wondering my nose into everything. 'It would still be nice to know.' I said quietly but I knew he could hear me.

He sighs leaning off the wall looking to the ground and chuckling. He stops swinging his keys in his hand and walks his way to me oddly slowly. But it seemed too sexy, so hot and very intimidating as he walked his way to me. I watch him as he stands in front of me, my arms dropped and I noticed my breath hitched as I looked at him. It has been too long since I've been this close to him. Suddenly, I could only breathe in his cologne. The strength of the vanilla but the slight tobacco that lingered within it.

I let him bow his head down to my ear and I felt his breath against my neck again and it felt good to have this touch again, even though it's only the slightest. 'Since you seem so determined to know the past whereabouts, I went down at a mate's house and him and I both...' he cuts off his sentence then lifting his head and smirks down at me. His deep voice didn't continue until his hand was roughly placed and squeezed against my thigh. Whether he was aware or not, he was too close to a place he wasn't allowed to touch.

I felt my heart beat becoming faster and faster after his touch and it wasn't because I liked what he was doing or the warmth of his touch or him in general. It was the past coming back for me again and how Harry leads it back to me. '...we both went to a brothel, a girl each and we both got what we deserved.' His warmth breathe finished the sentence and he smirked at me again, like he was overly proud of a kingdom he owned, looking down to a crowd of people who had to bow down to him.

I wide-eyed looked at him and opened my mouth slightly in utter disbelief and I wasn't surprised either. I take my hand to his and try pushing him away. He kept his grip onto my thigh. When his hand didn't move my chest suddenly heaved in and I felt light-headed. I was scared and I wanted him off me almost instantly. 'Harry...' I looked down to his hand and my skin that bulged around the tight grip of his fingers. '...please let go.' I could feel the tears prick at my eyes and I could hear my own begging voice inside my head, thumping against my brain and screaming against it. My breath and heart were at immense speeds and this wasn't new to me, but I never thought Harry would give me such panic.


Had to stop.


I could feel his rough and cracked skin against my inner thigh, squeezing and letting go repeatedly waiting for himself to enlarge so he could get the night over and done with. His smoke-filled breath against my neck and cheek made me quiver and lie still in horror looking at the ceiling. My eyes barely blinking as I felt wet lines mark my cheeks and temples. The ball gag made it harder for me to breath and he got off from that.

Made it hard for me to scream too.

I took my hand in hopes that he would listen and I tried to gently and cautiously move his dirty hand away from the soft part of me. I could hear his chest groan as he took it as a plea for more. He kept his hand there and demanded me to touch myself so he could watch me and he could pump it for himself before he forcefully got what he wanted after.


I blink back to reality still seeing Harry's hand on me. In a swift and unnoticed movement, I lift my head to look at Harry with my tear filled eyes and I lift my right hand slapping him so harsh on his cheek he stumbled back slightly, letting go of my thigh and his hand goes to his cheek rubbing against it. The slap seemed so loud against his cheek I could hear the echoing still through my ears, screaming at my brain. It happened so quick, I didn't even know how I could ever hit someone and Harry was my first. The churn in my gut as the guilt run over me like water started to grow inside me.

'Don't...ever touch me...t-there again, H-Harry.' I stumbled my words as I lifted a finger at him demanding him of that. His deathly eyes stare at me as he turns his head slowly, still rubbing over his cheek. Neither could he believe I did that to him but I wasn't standing for it anymore.

'Don't ever hit me again.' he mumbles to me but I could sense the underlying anger with it. He strides past me with a gush of vanilla and tobacco air as he shuts his bedroom door. I sigh and moan out in disbelief with myself. I shouldn't have hit him, it wasn't me to do so and I could never take back this moment. I place my hand on my stomach and groan out the pain filled guilt I was feeling right now.

I let my tears fall but I didn't rub at them nor my eyes. I couldn't, the model could come any second now and I don't have time to clean up a lot of makeup so I let the tears stain me I blended them back in later before she arrived and I did her makeup.

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