"I can see that how your self-confidence has not disappeared yet. Such a shame that I have to turn it into ash every time." He said in a playful but mysterious voice at the same time, messing with you. "I was thinking to have a little talk with you." What else could be said between you two?

As you were asking yourself, Dabi stepped behind you without making any noise. He knew how vulnerable you were when he was behind you. He memorized every weakness he discovered you have, knowing you more than just well.

"I have to admit, this role doesn't look good on you, you're not going to be a good hero." He spoke from behind you, enjoying each second in which he was playing with you.

"(Y/N)." Dabi called your name again, accentuating every letter and sticking his hard chest against your back at the same time, making you shiver.

Dabi was disappointed by you and what you chose to do but still could not be mad about it just because of one thing. He knew you couldn't forget him so easily, and he would not let you get away. For Dabi, everything that connected you to him was not lost at all, just changed into something new. He was sure of your feelings for him that will not let you get rid of his image, after all the things you did together.

You could feel how everything was affecting you. You could feel his hot breath hitting the back of your neck, his eyes on you, and all those evil intentions that Dabi had in mind prepared for you. The palm of his right hand sticks to your shoulder and then climbs to your throat slowly without touching your skin which was pulsating and craving for his touch after all this time.

"And what makes you think I'm not suited to be a good hero, you villain?" You asked swallowing hard and trying not to look like you already regret calling him in that way.

As a response, a proud hum was heard from Dabi  who stopped his hand near your neck right in front of it, just a few centimeters away from the skin. You knew how any move you would make in that position could be fatal without any exception, knowing how fast he could be.

"Because we both know how many bad things we did together." He whispered in your ear. "And how many things we could have done..." He let the sound of a nasal and dark laughter to be heard in a calm tone, thinking about how ridiculous was the fact that you were not working as a villain with him anymore.

Suddenly, the air around you started to feel warmer than usual, your normal body temperature rising considerably in a blink. A smell of fire reached your nose while tar black narrow ribbons of dark smoke started to sway in front of your eyes. Dabi used his ability on you, the smoke and heat of the black flame was so close to your neck, your skin, but still too far to touch you.

"Say it, and say it louder, who are you going to burn for now?" He asked curiously. "An impeccable hero, right?"

Dabi always understood you best, but this new version of you, a hero who wishes to do good, he could not understand and did not want to understand. Even so, he still wanted to see if you lost all that essence he was familiar with when it came to you, all your thoughts that knew so well, all of your darkest desires.

"I notice you started to like to shut up." He whispered while putting down the fire from his palm, but letting the fire from his eyes burn you.

Dabi's past was built up by cruel things, insults, mean words of others, family problems, all the things that were meant to make him submissive, to bring him down. The only effect that the past had on him was that he liked to dominate, and you let him do it with you knowingly when you worked with him. He wasn't really attracted by the idea of having some sort of power over everything, he was just fond of the idea of having power over you. Control over you.

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