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Written by c-deftone on tumblr

On the post it says NSFW but I don't really think it needs a warning.

Something bad was going to happen today and you felt it deep down in your bones. Ever since you transferred into the U.A. High School to be a hero, everything was going surprisingly good. Your past, when you were working in the League of Villains, did not even seem to bother you in your dreams at night. Even so, there were only two weeks since you gave up on being a villain, trying to build the new person you always dreamed secretly to become. There were surely going to be nights when memories would keep you awake, that's what you thought, that it would not be that easy.

You were not usually paranoid but something about the dense fog that was filling the air in the city tonight made you want to get home safely and faster. It was already dark outside when you finished the courses at the U.A. and headed home. All you had to do was to avoid certain dangerous areas of the city. You took a deep breath in when the face of the one who taught you all of the odious secrets of the city at night, has appeared in your mind. You knew everything that could happen at night, from him, all those small dark places behind buildings or blocks, all the gangs that might be lurking on those passages.

Lost in thought, being careless, you started walking on the way that you would normally use at daytime to get home when there was light. That way was including an empty little alley that was clearly on the list of dangerous places at night. You cursed and found yourself walking on that alley with your head low and trying to pass faster through it without looking at anything, being more than just tensed. At night that place was looking like a narrow tunnel full of shadows. Happily the alley wasn't too long, you could safely escape this time.

"Ah, look what the cat dragged in."

You froze and without wanting it, you stopped walking, at the sound of that voice. You bit your lower lip and cursed in a whisper under your breath. Why did you have to think about him? It was as if that thought you had called him here.

"I wonder why you're in such a hurry. You were usually late at meetings." You heard behind you along the sound of a few steps approaching you without a gram of rush. He was not that close, you did not see his face yet, but you were sure who was behind you. "Don't you want to turn around to greet me? I think I deserve that after all this time."

Taking a deep breath in and closing your eyes, you turned around, knowing that you already got in trouble.

"Dabi." You called his name when you saw his face, not surprised by the fact that you were right. Dabi tilted his head slightly, staring straight into your eyes, with a smirk on his face and his hands in the pockets of his trousers.

"Missed me, (Y/N)?" He asked in a laid back tone at the sight of you. He hadn't changed at all. Even now he chose to say your name in such a seductive way that could suggest danger as well.

"Not at all, you must be dreaming." You responded to him trying to look as if nothing had impressed you. You couldn't find the reason why you kept talking to him and not leaving and doing what was right. Dabi got close to you while looking into your eyes with his blue orbs. That gaze was enough to make your legs weak all the time.

"Dollface." He said reminding you of how he liked to call you. He enjoyed calling you in that way.

Your face was almost like the one of a doll, compared to his scared one. But it was not the only reason.

"What do you want?" You asked in a serious tone that threatened Dabi that you wanted to end the little talk as soon as possible, without giving him satisfaction. After you left, after giving up on being a villain, you threw all of your clothes in a washing machine. All the clothes that smelled of smoke, all his kisses, all the images of his eyes and face, washing them at the highest temperature and the highest number of rotations per minute, trying to wash everything away, trying desperately to forget everything that was related to Dabi.

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