Bakugo Katsuki

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Written by iveonlyeverseenliketwoanimes on tumblr

You and your boyfriend of 4 months were out walking around the local mall in search for some summer clothes as the UA summer camping trip was coming up. The rest of your classmates were also in the mall but you had all decided to spilt up and look around in smaller groups as it would be a little annoying to have a group of 20 people all trying to get into a shop together. You of course paired up with Katsuki and made the whole situation into a last minute date.

You were currently in line at the main food court trying to purchase some sandwiches as a light lunch when you felt your boyfriends arm snake around your waist. Now as much as you loved PDA it was quite odd as Katsuki certain did not. Sure he'd give you quick kisses now and then but that was when you were somewhere like school or the dorms.

Looking up at your boyfriend with a questioning glance you saw that his gaze seemed to be focused on a group of people sat a couple tables away from the queue. "Everything alright Katsuki?" "What are you looking at?" You said trying to following his eyes to the source of whatever was making him act so out of character.

"It's nothing" His eyes returning to look straight ahead. This answer obviously didn't satisfy you as you tried to lean across to get a better view of the group he was looking at. Your eyes instantly widened when you figured out what he saw, a small 'oh' sound coming out of your mouth. "I said its nothing you idiot, you're gunna fall over if you keep up this leaning act"

You regain your composure and smile up at the ash blond. "Don't tell me your jealous?" You teased. Katsuki's face instantly snapped to look at you.

"Of that loser?!?" "C'mon (Y/N) why on earth would I be jealous of that dickhead" His usual angry tone coming through in full force, subsequently making the person in front of you turn around briefly to see what was going on.

"Well I did date that 'loser' for a while before I met you" you responded in a much calmer tone than the boy.

"Well I'm dating you now so I guess we can see who the clear winner is" You smiled wider at his comment and pecked his check in satisfaction. Despite his temper you wouldn't change this boy for the world.

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