Todoroki Shouto

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Written by fandommonium3267 on tumblr

It's barely 2 in the morning when you rip the door open and trudge into the common room. "I can not believe you," You snarl. Your hands - so much smaller than his own- ball into fists.

Shouto isn't far behind you, his pace slower as he shuts the door behind him with an audible click. "(Your Name), can we please talk about this?" He sighs, limping after you.

You turn to face him, and Shouto flinches at the sight of your face contorted in anger. "You used yourself as a human shield," You hiss as you gesture at his limp. Pressing his lips together, he gazes at the floor, shifting his weight on his uninjured leg. "What else is there to talk about?"

Shouto works up the courage to meet your eyes. "Can we start off with why you're angry?"

"You should know." Your eyes flash dangerously and he regrets his decision, feeling smaller. He winces as you bare your teeth. "You're so lucky that Recovery Girl got to you in time, otherwise you'd be dead."

"But I'm not, and that's all that matters."
You throw you head back and groan, rolling your eyes.

Shouto crosses his arms over his chest. He sees your nostrils flare like an angry dragon, and he's almost afraid you'll start breathing fire. His heterochromatic eyes scan you, roaming over your body - not with desire - but to see if you were injured. Other than a couple scrapes, you seem unharmed, which further confuses him about why you are mad at him. Shouldn't you be thanking him for saving you today?

As if you knew what he was thinking, you huff, snapping him out of his train of thoughts. You storm off and head up the stairs towards your dorm room.

"Wait, (Your name)." Shouto limps after you, gripping the railway of the staircase to support himself. By the time he reaches the top, you're halfway down the hall and he struggles to quicken his pace. "(Your name), please?" He knows it's too early to be arguing. Their friends, all Class 1-A must be sleeping right now, but that's not why you're attempting to get to your room. You're trying to leave this unsettled. To lock yourself away to think on your own, so you can deal with it when you're both not irritable or sore.

But Shouto doesn't want to leave it at this right now, with you angry at him and him confused. It's not fair to you or to him - to either of you. He knows that once you both lock yourselves in your rooms, neither of you are going to get any sleep. You'll contemplate what to say to each other later, or you might ignore each other. He doesn't know yet but it won't be good. He needs to fix this. Now.

You must have heard the desperation in his voice because you pause, your hand gripping your door knob. Shouto catches up to you. "You really don't know why I'm mad, do you?" You snap, glaring.

Stopping next to you, Shouto shakes his head in defeat. He's replayed the mission over and over again but couldn't come up with any reason for your anger. Sighing, he uses the wall to his advantage and presses his hand against it for support.

Your tongue pokes out and it catches his eye. He follows the movement as you swipe it over your lips. Then you bite your bottom lip and he stares. And stares and stares and stares, and Shouto tells himself to stop staring at your lips.

He's still staring. Damn it.

Shouto flicks his gaze to your hooded eyes. You stare at the floor and for a moment, he thinks you'll open your door and leave him stranded in the empty hallway, but then you speak.

"Today's mission was dangerous. What you did was dangerous," You mumble, your voice trembling. Your shoulders, which have been bunched up and tense, begin to shake.

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