Toshinori Yagi

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Written by puellaangel on tumblr

BLOOD WARNING and it's angsty.

She grasped at her side, feeling the warm liquid seeping the tips of her fingertips "Fuck."

The pain seemed to be seeping with the red, a dull sort of ache that she did her best to ignore while she remained hidden behind a crate of boxes. Breathing through her mouth, she groaned out.

There was a sound.

She stiffened up; in the state that she was, her quirk would have been fatal to activate.

"Here you are!" She relaxed, hearing a voice she knew and recognised "Are you all right? I heard gunshots?"

She barely held in her whimper when standing to her feet, lightly leaning against him "I'm okay, don't worry about me." She grimaced and he noticed, his eyes immediately scouring her body, stopping to where her bloodied fingers were pressing down.

"Oh god..."

"Let's hurry home before more sho-!" She coughed, collapsing to her knees, vision darkening for a minute.

The blonde picked her up in seconds, his face stony "You're bleeding." He winced, holding her close, placing his hand onto hers, helping put more pressure on the wound. With every second, she felt her very life seep out with the red liquid, head starting to roll to the side as it became too much effort for her to hold it up. Her grip on the man's clothes weakened too, but he did his best to rush forward, his own strength fading. The hospital wasn't that far away, just a bit more...a bit...more.

In a puff of smoke, he fell midjump, his beloved rolling out of his arms as he hit the ground, spewing blood out of his mouth as he crawled on scraped elbows and knees towards her "Please." He begged, holding her close "Please stay awake, we're almost there."

With shaking arms and feet, he grabbed her to his chest and continued his way to the hospital.
By the time he got there, his overgrown suit was a mess, a combination of his and her blood; she had lost consciousness a while back and the doctors, while rushing her to the emergency room, had a grim look on their faces.

Their words echo in his ears. He wasn't really listening, looking in their direction but not at them, trying to look past them into the large room behind. A white sheet was being placed over her face.

"Pathetic." He whispered quietly under his breath, cleanching his fist "I was pathetic once again and she's gone."

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