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S/o telling them they're pregnant in a cute way.

Toshinori Yagi

• Early that morning you went out to pick up the order you'd placed the previous day. It was a simple box of chocolates on the outside, but once it was opened there was a message to be seen.

• You excitedly placed the box on the kitchen counter when you arrived back home, careful not to almost drop it for the third time. You were actually surprised Toshinori hadn't realized something was up. You'd been this jittery since yesterday, excited to finally let him know what you'd known for the past two weeks.

• But that wasn't going to happen until later in the day, so you had to make sure he didn't see it before then. So when the man in question woke up and entered the kitchen, you sneakily shoved the box of chocolates into a corner and waited.

• When the time finally came you placed the box in front of him with a smile.

• "I got you something" you beamed.

• "Oh," he smiled, taking the box and pulling the lid off. But the smile was replaced with a blank expression as he read what the chocolates said. [ You're going to be a dad ❤ ]

•His head immediately shot up afterward, searching for the truth in your eyes and expression.

• Your smile could honestly not be any bigger so he knew it wasn't a lie.

• "Really?"

• You just nodded.

• "I'm going to... You're pregnant?"

•Again you nodded.

• There were so many expressions crossing his face at that moment, but the most prominent was undeniable happiness. Rising from his seat he took you in his arms.

• "You sure we're ready for an All Might Jr.?"

• "Yes, you'll be an excellent dad, but hey they can take after me too."

Shouto Todoroki

• Todoroki's birthday was coming up, so you thought it'd be clever to give him an "early" present.

• As he arrived home after spending most of the day at his agency, you greeted him with a kiss and a gift bag in your hand.

• "For you."

• "But my birthday isn't until next month. And I've told you before, I don't really care for these things."

• You sighed. "Just take it. I promise I won't give you anything else... until September." You mumbled the last part.

• He didn't argue past that and pulled out the nicely folded shirt. As he held it up and it unfollowed, you could see his expression change. At first, it was disinterest, then it was confusion and as it settled in his eyes widened slightly.

• "Every pro hero need a sidekick?" He added the question mark and stressed the last word on the shirt. "Are you—? Are we—? When?"

• "A little over a month. If you turn it around it you'll see when the due date is."

• Just like you said the back of the shirt read: Coming September

• "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

• "Well I wanted to do something cute and that shirt took longer to arrive then I thought it would too."

• He wasn't really scolding you, he was just really happy and didn't know how to react. It wasn't until a few days later that it all finally sunk in. Right before calling it night he turned to you to wrap his arms around you and whisper in your ear. "Our kid is really lucky to be getting you for a mother."

• "And you as a father" you whispered back.

Shouta Aizawa

• When you discovered you were pregnant you wanted to tell Aizawa right away, but something in the back of your mind convinced you to do it in a more fun way instead.

• You spent about a week trying to figure out how to go about it and it wasn't until you were sitting in the living room, drinking some coffee when your cat jumped on your lap out of nowhere, that you got your idea.

• You'd use him to let Aizawa know.

• He was quite an active fella so neither you nor Aizawa had thought of putting a bell on him, he'd be too noisy and distracting. But that's exactly what you needed from him for this.

• Going out to buy the cutest baby shoes you could find and a bell, you came back home with the perfect plan.

• Trapping your poor cat, you put the bells on him and attached the shoes you'd bought to his collar. Then you sent him on his way to Aizawa.

• It took a while for your cat to catch his attention though, being unusually lazy for about an hour. You were almost about ready to just throw him into the living room where Aizawa was.

• Standing in the doorway you witnessed it all.
The cat pranced it's way over to Aizawa and began playing his favorite toy at his feet, making quite a ruckus with his new bells.

• "What the..." he sat up. "Since when do you have bells?"

• With a frown, Aizawa picked the cat up only to stop mid-action as he spotted the tiny shoes.

• "Surprise!" You called from your spot.

• He turned to look at you with wide eyes. "Does this mean what I think it means?"

• "Mhmm, we're having a baby."

• "Do you know if it's a girl or boy?"

• "Not yet, but I already made an appointment. Want to go together?"

• "Of course."

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