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Written by technicallyflamey on tumblr

S/o who's an art major and struggling with inspiration and has a breakdown because she has a project and doesn't know what to do.

Todoroki Shouto

• Todoroki was aware that you had been working hard on one of your projects as of late. And wanting to not cause you any more stress, he made sure to give you your space

• He knew you worked best on your own after all, and he didn't want to cause you to fall behind.

• However, when he stopped by to visit and check up on you one afternoon, he realized he stressed out you were. And while he knew you were a great artist... he could see how struggled you were

• Especially since your room was scattered with wadded up papers, trashed projects, and messy colors everywhere

• He immediately sat you down, muttering about how he was going to force you to take a break with him this afternoon. He knew you would deny him, but he knew you needed to relax for a little bit

• Plus who knew? Maybe a little break would allow inspiration to strike

• The afternoon was filled with Todoroki taking you to your favorite places, distracting you as much as he could and just helping you begin to relax a bit

• And by the time the afternoon was ending, you couldn't help but feel much more relaxed than when it started.

• Todoroki stayed around once you both returned from your afternoon out. He was there to give you second opinions and also help in any way you needed.

• And while you still had a lot of work to do... you were glad to have him here with you.

Midoriya Izuku

• Midoriya has always been a supportive person. So when you informed him of your big project he right away was asking what you'd need from him to help you

• You merely laughed, saying that if he could give you some space to finish then that's all that you would need.

• However, after a few days of not hearing from you, Midoriya couldn't help how he grew a bit worried about you. And thus, despite your words to give you some space, he decided to check up on you

• And boy was he glad that he did... because you were not doing so well and he could tell

• You tried to make it seem like it was just a little bump in the road, but Midoriya knew you too well. And from the eye bags and the messy hair, he knew you were stressing over your project

• And as such, he was going to be around a bit more to help relax you... or at least help clean things up and support you more.

• You and Midoriya ran ideas to each other, trying to see if anything, in particular, struck you as a good idea. And when you still seemed stressed, he suggested cleaning up a bit as a mindless distraction

• You could see him trying his best and you appreciated it, especially when he suggested that he'd make your favorite meal while you relaxed for an hour.

• By the time creativity had struck again, you were more than ready to get back to work! Midoriya stayed quiet int he background, knowing you needed to work without a distraction

• But he would be sending you his support from the sidelines.

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